She is a Certified Health Coach, Weight Management Specialist, Exercise Specialist, Fitness Educator and an amazing Wellpreneur having spent over 18 years of experience in the field of health and wellness, including the fitness industry. Sujata Suri actually spent the early stages of her career working as a Marketing and Communications Professional. Added to that, she pursued her passion for fitness simultaneously for almost a decade by taking aerobics classes at a local aerobics studio near her residence. Not stopping with that, she also upgraded her knowledge and skills related to health and fitness by holding a few certifications to her credit. She co-founded Felicity Fitness in the year 2016 along with another fitness trainer with the primary objective of imparting fitness education and also to bring about a positive impact on the lifestyle of individuals through a wide repertoire of programs offered by her that are tailor-made to address the individual requirements of each of her clients separately. Claus from Sportz Business Insights had an exclusive chat with Sujata Suri who spoke on her journey with fitness and wellness right from her sudden entry as an absentee trainer in aerobics to her decision to train professionally to become a Reebok Group Fitness Instructor, the role played by her as a co-founder of Felicity Fitness after her decision to become an entrepreneur nearly half a decade ago, the upcoming events that she has planned for the year and a lot more.

Q. Had it always been your dream or how did this idea of becoming a wellness coach come about in you? Please share with us about this journey of yours.

There is always a story behind every story. In my case, the journey began about 18 years ago. I was a fitness enthusiast and used to regularly workout at our local Aerobics studio. Slowly, I began filling in for an absentee trainer in the Aerobics class and that is when I decided to get professionally trained as a Reebok Group Fitness Instructor.

I was a Marketing and Communications Professional and for over a decade, I used to take morning and evening Aerobics classes on the side. I loved the fitness community and kept upgrading my skills with several certifications along the way to upgrade and catch the trends in the Health and Fitness Industry. Since I was always in the cycle of learning, one thing led to the other and somewhere along the way, I decided to get my International certifications and seriously consider Health Coaching as a full time career seven years back when I co-founded Felicity Fitness.

Today I am a Certified and experienced Health Coach, Weight Management Specialist, Rehab Trainer, Exercise Specialist and a Fitness Educator with over 18 years of experience in the Health, Wellness & Fitness Industry, helping those who touch my life live a healthy, injury-free and active lifestyle.

Q. How have you been connecting with your clients post COVID-19 and what is the major health challenge that you seek to redress in most of your clients today?Sujata-Suri-Wellness-Coach

I’ve been connecting with my clients online. While we do miss the human touch, I think everyone has quickly adapted to the new realities and are making the most of what we have. The online space has shrunk the world and the convenience of it all far surpasses any misgivings that we may have had with it initially.

I also conduct a special diet & exercise program for women above 50 called Nifty Fifty. I now conduct these sessions in small groups and we have seamlessly switched over online.

The major health challenges I have encountered while interacting with my clients post COVID are mostly High Blood Pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, Posture related issues, PCOS, Eye strains, etc. I would also state that stress related behavior challenges have also been on the rise in the recent past.

Q.We have in the recent years been observing the rising use of technology such as a Virtual Health Coach for monitoring and managing the health and well-being of individuals in many parts of the world. How do you see this trend and how effective do you think it would work in a country like India?’

I’m a bit conservative about these trends, purely because I believe that we are all different beings and there is really no one size fits all solution to any Health Coaching challenge. It requires patience, persistence and a lot of encouragement and support to be able to induce any behavior change in a client.

I believe, from my experience, that most Indians would still prefer the human touch that a Live Coach or a Mentor offers. I’m not certain how easily they would open up and share their challenges with a Virtual Coach. The efficacy and success of such global “trends” therefore still remains to be seen in the Indian context.

Sujata Suri Active Lifestyle Health Coach

Q.You are one of the founders of Felicity Fitness. Can you let us know in brief about the work that you have been doing through your organization?’

Felicity Fitness was established in 2016 when two committed Health & Fitness professionals with over 35 years of collective working experience in the Fitness Industry, decided to combine their strengths and attempted to create some fitness magic that could positively impact lifestyles.

We offer a wide repertoire of programs customized to address a client’s requirement. Our main focus of work entails Workplace Wellness and Employee Engagement programs, Fitness Retreats, Wellness Workshops and Fitness Education.

We are also Consulting Faculty and Mentors for Fitness Training

Technical Lectures for ACE/ACSM programs and ACE Certification courses.

Q. If you are to suggest a dinner option that is healthy as well as quick at the same time, what would it be?

My personal preference is to eat an early dinner and eat a light, balanced meal.

I enjoy simple, single dish meals since I don’t like to spend much time in the kitchen in the evenings.I love having a warm soup or stew – a mix of any protein and veggies – in the winter months and a fresh, crunchy salad consisting of lots of greens along with some pan grilled fish/chicken or cottage cheese in summers.

Q. We’d also like to know when do we get to see you next and what’s the event that you are planning to host and what’s it all going to be about?

For the first time post COVID, we are really looking forward to organizing our OUTDOOR FITNESS RETREAT in the hills of Uttarakhand towards the end of March and a Himalayan Trek in July/Aug. Of course, all COVID protocols shall be adhered to.

Q. Lastly, your tips on healthy living which you would be willing to share for the benefit of the readers of the magazine?

I would like to highlight the need for an integrated, holistic approach towards our health instead of cherry picking on fads and trends that come our way.

1. Exercise daily and work on all aspects – stability, mobility, balance, cardio, strength and flexibility. Seek professional help for a structured approach.

2. Cut down on sugar and say no to all aerated drinks

3. Avoid junk food and anything that is processed/refined.

4. Don’t ignore nagging aches and pains – fix them by seeking professional help.

5. Hydrate well and get adequate sleep

6. Meditate for inner peace and smile often.

7. Stop obsessing about Weight Loss. Focus more on losing fat and keeping a lean, strong body.

Sujata Suri Health Coach Fitness Retreat


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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