The First Lady of the US, Jill Biden, draws “inner strength” from her dedication to exercise, whether it’s spin classes during travel, biking near her Delaware beach home, or jogging on the White House driveway. Her commitment to fitness is evident in her diverse workout routine, as she shared with Women’s Health magazine. She is a passionate fan of barre classes, combining ballet, Pilates, and yoga, which enhance her flexibility, strength, and balance. Jill also embraces high-energy cardio through the Peloton bike, enabling her to work out conveniently at home or on the road during official visits. She rises early, often at 5:45 am, to prioritize her exercise routine, considering it a time to focus on herself and find inner strength for her various roles.

Additionally, Jill, who is 72 years old, has a history of long-distance running, having completed the Marine Corps Marathon in 1998. Presently, she opts for jogging around the White House driveway due to security protocols. She frequents SoulCycle studios in Washington and has even attended a class with Akshata Murty, wife of British PM Rishu Sunak, during her trip to London.

When Sunak met President Joe Biden, he said, “I gather our wives have even started to take spin classes together.”

Exercise has been integral to Jill’s life since childhood when she enjoyed activities like roller skating. She continued her active lifestyle through college, where she took up ice skating, and during pregnancy, when she embraced swimming. Her memoir recounts keeping running shoes by the front door for her daughter Ashley during her teenage years.

“Whenever she and I would get into an argument, I’d put on those shoes to go running and calm myself down,” she wrote. “We argued so much, I became a marathon runner.”

In addition to her rigorous workout routine, Jill maintains a health-conscious diet that aligns with her active lifestyle. She prefers fish and vegetables, ensuring she stays energized and focused through her demanding schedule. Even on days when she teaches classes at Northern Virginia Community College, she brings her own nutritious lunch to avoid consuming food from outside.

Jill Biden’s holistic approach to well-being, encompassing both exercise and nutrition, contributes to her mental and physical strength, making her a pillar of support for her family and community.


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