“Thinking Of Shopping For A Gym Equipment To Start Your Workout?” 

“We Urge You To Keep A Stationary Exercise Bike In Your Priority List.”

We have been noticing over the past few months about the interest shown by a few individuals, especially the fitness enthusiasts out there in equipment such as Stationary Exercise Bikes, particularly indoor bikes and frankly it is not without a real reason, considering the world we live in today. This is the month of January and you could also find a compelling need to work your body well and sweat it out to reach your fitness goals. We can tell you that there is this specific gym equipment, which can actually help you get rid of those excess calories, while at the same time occupying only a little bit of your space at your home. Now that you know this for a fact, we can move further to understand how this equipment can give you the value for your money.

Now, Let’s Know What Stationary Exercise Bikes Can Do To Your Body 

Stationary Exercise Bike is really the cardio machine that you can try going for, if you want to see your heart rate getting pumped up faster as well as for getting your muscles to work harder and stronger. The action of pedaling literally makes your hamstrings and calves stronger and they can even have the power to decrease your chances of being affected by cardiovascular diseases as well as your mortality in general. Further, there is an increase of VO2 max which is actually the amount of oxygen that you use at your peak,when you are performing your exercises. This really helps to keep your heart stronger.

The essence of a stationary exercise bike is that there are simply so many benefits connected to riding one and that is why it becomes even more necessary for you to choose the right Stationary Exercise Bike.

We now give you some information about one such Stationary Indoor Exercise Bike that is available from among the several exercise bikes that are present in the market. So it’s time for you to get started and pedal your way to fitness.


If you’ve been recently searching for some of the finest exercise bikes in order to start your cardio workout, there are higher chances that you would’ve come across the PELOTON BIKE+.This machine was launched in the year 2020 and had come with some pretty awesome features. Peloton had brought in 2 key features in their exercise bike, which was the Apple Gymkit integration that made easy pairing happen with the Apple Watch and secondly the Auto-Follow Resistance functioning.

We will now tell you about some of the features that are present to help you understand what’s inside this incredible Indoor Exercise Bike.



The Peloton Bike+ contains the following:

·       A Black & Red Design

·       Welded Steel Frame along with an adjustable seat and handle bars

·       Water Bottle Holder – 2 nos.

·       A rack (present at the back of the seat that can hold a dumbbell of small size)


· The touch screen display monitor actually measures 23.8 inches and the resolution has been kept at 1080P.

· The screen can be tilted up and down to help you get a great view at the time of cycling.

· The screen can be rotated 180 degrees both to your left and to your right as well, which is really good for you, especially if you are performing workouts away from the bike.

· There is a newly upgraded Digitally Controlled Resistance Brake System that comes with the Auto Follow feature. This Auto Follow feature has the power to adjust the person’s resistance which is done automatically.

· This bike also comes with a Resistance Knob that is Auto Follow enabled.

· The sound system has also been upgraded in this bike which comes with a High-Fidelity 2.2 Channel Stereo Sound bar facing towards the front. It also provides the user with a captivating music experience.

Image Courtesy : Peloton (Company)

2.How Much Does This Bike Actually Weigh?

This bike comes with a measurement of 59 by 22 by 59 inches, apart from weighing around 60-odd” kilos with wheels present on the front. These wheels actually permit you to move it here and there much easier.

This exercise bike also comes fitted with a few more features. They are as follows:

·       Bluetooth 5.0

·       100 Mbps Ethernet

·       A 2.5 GHz Qualcomm QCS605 processor.

·       Holds a RAM capacity of up to 4 GB.

·       Supports 2.4 GHz as well as 5 GHz Wi-Fi.

·       ANT+ Wireless

Besides, this bike is also fitted with an audio jack of a size of 3.5 mm on the handle bar which can be used by a person for plugging in their wired headphones. There is also a camera of 8-megapixels that is kept front-facing and also comes with one slider that is mainly given for your privacy. You can also get into a Video Chat with others at the time of workouts. However, you have to make sure that both you and the other person follow each other apart from having classes at the same time. This bike also features Delta-compatible Aluminium Pedals that can be actually used only along with Clip-In Cycling Shoes.

3.Records Your Workout History

A profile of yours would be created along with your username which can be seen below on the left side of the monitor. Your entire workout history is also recorded and saved, that would include the various statistics as well as achievements of yours, if any, including the music that you may have saved. You would be able to click onto every workout session in order to check for yourself the various statistics, apart from the output that has been obtained in total as well as on an average, the distance covered by you, the calories burned in total, in addition to your average speed and resistance. You would also be shown graphs of your heart rate in case you have connected a Heart Rate Monitor along with it, in addition to the output, resistance and speed achieved by you right through your workout.

Lastly, we want to tell you that we have covered only a few features and there’s much more that a person can explore with this Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike. Moreover, the various fitness enthusiasts out there would be able to fulfill their desire of enjoying a rewarding workout, especially with the availability of such tech-enabled features that are revolutionary, thereby providing the users with a wholesome and enriching experience.

Image Courtesy : Peloton (Company)


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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