Want to up your home workout level? A medicine ball could be a new home workout equipment to level up your at-home fitness?

A medicine ball might sound new thing for a lot of fitness enthusiasts, however it has its roots can be traced from the times of Hippocrates who used to lift them thousands of years ago. The medicine balls are weighted spherical balls made up of leather that are highly recommended by thy physicist, strength and conditioning trainers and combat sports coaches. Available in all sizes and weights (2kg to 10kg), the medicine balls can boost power and sports performance remarkably. Medicine balls can be thrown and caught generating explosive power to your joints and subsequently improving your athletic ability. Owing to its versatilities, you can used medicine balls in different ways to get the desired results from general conditioning and fat loss to increase strength and power for sports.

Tips before you grab a Medicine

Ball While choosing a medicine ball, pick a ball that is heavy enough to challenge your bodily motion but not restricting it at all. If the medicine ball that you are picking is quite heavy to control and large to grip, go for lighter and smaller ones.

Ready? Let’s slam some medicine ball exercises

Overhead Slam

Overhead-SlamA solid workout for generating explosive power to your arms as well as hit strengthen core muscles. Overhead slam is the very first entity in the list of medicine ball workouts.

Direction: Holding a medicine ball in both hands stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bend. Now, making a hinge at your hips (Slightly Forward) slam the ball on the ground directly on the ground. Make sure that you don’t arch your back while slamming the ball to avoid any kind of injury. Ask your trainers to check your form, if it’s right or wrong.


V-UPA great workout to strengthen your core, V-UP helps to lose some stubborn fats stored on the front belly.

Direction: Lie faceup on your mat and extend your legs. Holding a medicine ball with your both hands, raise your arms overhead. Now, engaging your core bring your hands (holding the ball) and your feet that closer that your upper and lower body forms a V position. At the crest of the V form, pass the medicine ball to the grip of your feet.

Squeeze the ball between your feet and then slowly lower your arms and feet back to the floor. Once, you touch the ground return to the V Position and subsequently pass the ball back to your hands. That’s how you complete one rep, now repeat till tire your core muscle.

Shoulder Press

Shoulder-PressOne of the easiest moves for beginners and a great warm-up workout for the advance level gym goers, shoulder press can be a great medicine ball workout that everyone should do.

Directions: Hold a medicine ball with your both hands about an inch away from your sternum. Now, extend your arms towards ceiling perpendicular to the ground, then slowly lower the ball to its initial position and then repeat the movement. Easy isn’t? Well, try to 10-15 reps in one go.


PushupsIn case you have mastered doing standard pushups on the floor, it’s high time to improvise a little bit to one of the best chest warmup workouts by using a medicine ball. Using a medicine ball in your pushups, can get your deep stretch in your chest flexing the muscle of pecs.

Direction: Start with a general pushup position, now instead of resting one of your palms on the floor, rest it on a medicine ball. Now, start dipping down and up, make sure you don’t sag your neck and lower body while performing the workout. Complete one dip at one hand and them turn the ball to other hand and carry on till you burn it down(exhausted).


Superman Medicine BallA perfect workout to target your lower back and glutes, the superman exercise with a medicine ball is an excellent one to get some real power to your body. You can always level up the intensity of the workout by adding more weighted medicine ball.

Directions: Lie down on your stomach stretching your arms and legs to their limit. Hold a medicine ball with your hands overhead and take your toe pointed towards the wall behind you. Make sure, you don’t sag your neck throughout the movement. During the movement, engage your core using your back and glute muscles by raising the body and legs off the floor as much as your can. Once you reach the top of your level, pause for a second and then return to start again.

So, these are a few medicine ball workouts that you can add to your everyday single-body’s workout schedule to level up your power, endurance and stamina. Stay sored crave for more!!


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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