In today’s fast-moving world, a good night’s sleep has become something of a luxury. It’s dropped down on our list of priorities behind work, social time, and entertainment. However, sleep shouldn’t be an item of leisure. It’s necessary for your physical and mental health, similar to food and water.

The body’s need for sleep is almost a new research field. Experts are looking into what happens to the body during sleep and why the process itself is so vital. We all know that sleep is essential to:

  • maintain significant body functions
  • restore energy
  • repair muscle tissue
  • allow the brain to process new information

We are aware of what happens when the body doesn’t get adequate sleep. Sleep loss can cause a series of mental and physical problems that include impairing your ability to:

  • think clearly
  • focus
  • react
  • control emotions

This can result in severe problems in the workplace and at home.

Chronic sleep loss has been shown to raise the risk of severe health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and depression. It can also affect your immune system by reducing your body’s ability to combat infections and disease.

Now you must be wondering Why Healthy Sleep is Important?

Here’s the answer:

A night of healthy sleep is important for your health, just like eating healthy and exercising. Unfortunately, there’s a lot that can hinder natural sleep patterns. People are now sleeping less than they did in the past, and sleep quality has reduced as well.

  • Poor sleep is linked to higher body weight: Short sleep duration can cause obesity and weight gain.
  • Good sleepers tend to eat fewer calories: Inadequate sleep impairs hormones that regulate appetite. Those who receive adequate sleep tend to eat less calories than those who don’t.
  • Good sleep can improve concentration and productivity: Healthy sleep can maximize problem-solving skills and improve memory. Inadequate sleep has been determined to impair brain function.
  • Good sleep can maximize athletic performance: Healthy sleep has been determined to enhance many aspects of athletic and physical performance.
  • Poor sleepers have a greater risk of heart disease and stroke: Sleeping less than 7–8 hours per night is associated with a raised risk of heart disease and stroke.

If you’ve ever thought that sleep doesn’t matter that much then think twice as it actually matters a great deal. Now let’s talk about The Benefits of Getting Adequate Sleep.

  • Sleep helps reduce stress
  • Sleep can improve your memory
  • Sleep can lower your blood pressure
  • Sleep helps your body to fight back
  • Sleep can help you maintain your weight
  • An adequate amount of sleep puts you in a better mood
  • Sleep could reduce your chances of diabetes
  • Sleep helps keep your heart healthy
  • Sleep can relieve from pain of any injury
  • Sleep can make you smarter

We all are too busy with our lifestyles. We run behind our career, studies, and other things but never thought of taking complete sleep. You should be concerned about your sleep time as it is really important. Many of us might think about taking pills for sleep but it is harmful to your health. Before thinking about sleeping pills you may go for the below-mentioned tips to good sleep.

Many of us have problems in sleeping so here are some tips to get good night sleep.

Here we go!

1. Exercise

Healthy SleepExercising according to your comfort can lead you to healthy sleep. Exercise increases the effect of natural sleep hormones such as melatonin. Exercise as much as you can and do not hurt yourself.

2. Reserve bed for sleep

Healthy SleepYour bed is for sleeping and not working. So stop receiving phone calls, responding to emails as soon as you reach your bed. Turn your mobile phones on airplane mode so no one can disturb you.

3. Eat but not much

Healthy Sleep Avoid eating a big meal before going to bed. If you feel hungry before going to bed then have a small snack item. Do not overeat.

4. Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Healthy SleepAlcohol and caffeine are stimulants and you should be avoiding them before going to bed. People think it makes them a little sleepy, but it is a stimulant and it interrupts sleep during the night.

5. Remove all your stress near your bed

Healthy SleepStress is a stimulus. You should be leaving your all-day worries before going to bed. Relaxing your mind before sleep is important. Go for the inhaling and exhaling exercise.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


Paayel is a correspondent at Sportz Business Magazine and pursuing Journalism from Lady Shri Ram college. She is an aspiring and passionate journalist, who is on her way to gain more knowledge and wisdom.

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