There have been tremendous efforts taken up by consumers to search for ways to boost their immunity levels, particularly after COVID-19 had emerged and has been rapidly spreading all over the country. On the one hand, it is a commonly accepted fact that leafy greens contain an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients. While on the other hand, some of the rare varieties are considered to be extremely healthy. Watercress is one such veggie that has been ranked by CDC, placing it on top of their list of Powerhouse Fruits and Veggies. This veggie can greatly reduce the risks of individuals being affected by chronic diseases.

Health experts as well as restaurant chefs have placed high value on B&W Quality Growers watercress, especially for its flavour as well as several health benefits offered by this veggie. However, its full potential has not yet been realized by home chefs. Watercress possesses plenty of health features. This also includes anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, apart from containing 28 vitamins, minerals and compounds. This veggie is also a great source of Vitamin C that can help in reduction of cold and flu symptoms.

B&W Quality Growers is the world’s largest grower of distinctive baby leaves, with its green watercress known for its versatility, besides being a peppery crunch to many dishes. This veggie can be used in salads, appetizers, smoothies and in few others.

Mark DeLeo, CEO of B&W Quality Growers stated that self-care has taken center stage during these days and there is no better way to look after oneself and their family than providing them with the most nutritionally dense food on the planet. He further added that watercress is not only packed with vitamins and minerals, but also deliciously versatile enough, so that the chefs can create memorable takeout dishes as well as for home cooks who can spice up family favourites.

B&W Quality Growers joined hands with chefs in order to develop flavourful recipes that are simple within a period of 30 minutes. Some of these recipes are Watercress Frittata, Watercress Hummus, Watercress Turkey and Pear Panini.

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