Elderberries or black elder extract is a dark purple berry and has been traditionally beneficial to boost human health and to cure various health conditions. Being the most commonly used herb, these berries are considered the best for our immune system. It is the fruit of the Sambucus tree which is commonly available in Europe and North America. Elderberries or black elder extract consists of high flavonoids called anthocyanins. These flavonoids have antioxidant properties, which help to assist the body’s natural defence system.

While assisting our defence system, these berries offer great relief from pain, swelling, and inflammation. The dried elderberries are also used to treat influenza, infections, sciatica, headaches, dental pain, heart pain, and nerve pain. It has been observed that these berries have been widely used as a tonic medicine by many tribes to promote health and vitality. Being a vital supplement to cure cold and flu symptoms, elderberries, or black elder extract, has also been beneficial to reduce the severity and length of influenza. Studies suggest that elderberry or black elder extract juice is highly beneficial to reduce the level of fat in the blood allowing a decrease in cholesterol levels.

Health Benefits of Elderberries

Elderberries has antioxidants that carry numerous benefits towards health. It consists of fibre which allows the improvement of digestion and also beneficial to improve skin and hair health.

1.) Helps to Boost Immunity

ElderberriesElderberries or black elder extract has powerful immune-boosting effects, allowing you to boost your immunity from vulnerable diseases. These berries have vitamin A and vitamin C which allows maintaining your skin health in the best possible way. It boosts your immune system by increasing the production of inflammatory cytokines, which helps to treat upper respiratory tract infections and other respiratory ailments.

2.) Helps to improve Digestive Health

ElderberriesThese berries are great for digestion as it contains a rich source of fibre. The fibre contains in this fruit allows to cure of all digestive related problems like constipation, stomachaches, gas, bloating, etc.

3.) Helps to Improve Heart Health

ElderberriesDue to high potassium presence, elderberries help to regulate blood pressure and reduces strain on your heart. It has an important compound called anthocyanins, which act as a protection to the inner layer of the blood vessels of your heart, thus allowing proper circulation in the heart, thus reducing the risk of heart diseases.

4.) Allows to Strengthen Bones

ElderberriesTo be active in life bones strengthening is a must. Having elderberries will keep your bones in tip-top condition. The reason is consuming these berries increases bone mineral density due to the presence of calcium, iron, and potassium. Besides all, it also beneficial to prevent the risk of osteoporosis

Ways To Use Elderberries

Apart from dietary intake as a food, elderberries or black elder extract is used in a form of a supplement and also can be used as a food source for making wine and syrup. Various supplements are available in the market which contains elderberries or black elder extract. These supplements are the best products and are fit to consume to avail its widespread benefits.

Besides supplements, these berries can also be consumed in making tea. This form of elderberry consumption will nevertheless help to kick start your day in a better way. The berries are also fit to use as syrup and soup, as they taste great and makes the best healthy snack. Not just that, elderberries are also available in the form of jams, which is widely acclaimed as a breakfast snack. Well, people who are addicted to wines can relish their taste with elderberries, as it is also available in the form of wines. These wines are fit to consume and will not hamper your health in any way. For treating conditions like influenza, you can take 15 mL of elderberry syrup 4 times a day for 5 days. Especially for kids, who are suffering from flu, the dosage is 5-mL of elderberry extract, twice a day, whereas for adults it is 10-mL, twice a day.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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