Cricket board of England launches a new marketing campaign to attract young viewers


In the wake of  ICC Men’s World Cup, England and Wales Cricket Board( ECB) is targeting young demographic through their latest marketing campaign.

According to a new report published in SportsBusiness, ECB is hoping the occasion of World Cup would be helpful to engage new fans. This summer, there are going to be two major tournaments, 1) World Cup and 2) Ashes Series in Australia.

Jenny Smith, the head of Marketing from ECB told the website, “The campaign absolutely embodies the way the team go about their cricket on the pitch and their personalities of the pitch. They are an incredibly exciting, diverse group of people and this campaign is really about celebrating the team as a whole and the way they go about their cricket and it’s designed to connect this group of players with a new generation of fans.”

The marketing initiative is conceived as a film titled “Express Yourself”. The film is developed by Matta Agency. They previously worked with England’s women football team.

Different versions of the film will be played on owned and paid channels including Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. ECB also partnered with other PR agencies to propel the campaign. They already paid for a countrywide cinema advertising campaign. In Smith’s word, “We think the cinema is a real lean-in medium. It’s perfect for our target audience 16-24 olds and we know that in cinema’s people tend to have their phone’s off and they are more focused, so it’s a great way for us to be putting this great film in front of them to capture their attention.”

Jayita Sardar

Aspiring journalist working for and exploring the juncture of sports, business and technology. Interested in sports economy and logistics of sports policy-making.


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