Amazfit Zenbuds award

Amazfit Powerbuds Awarded the Best TWS Fitness Earphone by IDG

Las Vegas, the United States — 7 January 2020 Huami (NYSE: HMI) who recognizes high-quality earphones is essential and the most intimate wearable device for workout, has unveiled its first and award-winning earbud range at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2020) in Las Vegas. With a combination of comfortable, noise cancellation and fitness features, Amazfit PowerBuds and Amazfit ZenBuds are designed to keep sporting and health-conscious users active, healthy and relaxed, from dusk till dawn.

In recognition of its innovations in smart wearables, Amazfit has received a top award from IDG (International Data Group), “Best TWS Fitness Earphones” for the newly announced Amazfit PowerBuds. With its first and latest earbud product line, Amazfit is demonstrating how technology elevates health and fitness experience in 2020 and beyond.

TWS Fitness Earphone

Designed with action in mind, the True Wireless Amazfit PowerBuds is a perfect sports and work companion.

  • Sportwear design complete with professional fitness features

    Weighing only 7g and featuring magnetic sports ear hooks, the Plug-to-Go Design, which fit firmly and increase the stability, the Plug-to-Go design allows you to enjoy carefree workout without much extra burden, interruptions or chances of earbuds falling out. PowerBuds also monitors your heart rate with a built-in Huami PPG heart rate sensor, keeping you up-to-date with real time heart rate data, workout status and rapid heart rate alert to ensure you’re exercising safely and effectively.

  • High quality sports sound experience

    Music can be a great motivator for achieving and exceeding your health and fitness goals. Integrating an advanced composite diaphragm, Amazfit PowerBuds delivers high-fidelity sound experience and is a great match for your entertainment. With its inclined in-ear design and Motion Beat Mode, you can get indulged purely in the music of enhanced beat and tempo, at daily commute, in the workplace, when relaxing or hitting the gym. PowerBuds also supports eight hours of playtime on a single charge. Coupled with the portable magnetic charging box, you can enjoy 24 hours of music on-the-go. PowerBuds cares about your experience as much as your safety. To ensure you are aware of the surroundings while enjoying music, PowerBuds comes with Thru Mode, which supports ambient sound enhancement.

  • All-round and intuitive functions for daily applications

    With Amazfit PowerBuds, you can stay connected always at fingertips with smart and intuitive touch control customized with tap function such as music controls, call answering/hanging up and wake up the voice assistant. Equipped with ENC dual-microphone noise reduction technology and an in-ear design, PowerBuds effectively filters unwanted environmental noise, ensuring all quality, purity, and clarity for music and the most important of conversations with tri-band equalization.

Amazfit ZenBud

The activity needs to be balanced and Amazfit recognizes this – Amazfit ZenBuds help you

relieve from daily stress, pressure or struggle to get a good sleep

  • Smart features designed to improve your slumbers

    Amazfit ZenBuds recognize that life in the fast lane needs to be balanced and supported by rest and recuperation. Amazfit ZenBuds are the calming partner for the office, bedroom and for when you need to seek some ‘me time’ away from the world. With their sleek noise-blocking design, their ergonomic and sleep-assistant shape fit snugly into your ear to insulate from outdoor noises providing peace and quiet or the best night’s sleep. As a relaxing aid, Amazfit ZenBuds is equipped with Knowles Balanced Armature and features Smart Interference, supporting your sleep goals by creating the right environment and generating sleep-inducing and soothing sounds for a perfect night’s rest. With Sleep Recognition, the soothing sounds automatically turn off once you are asleep. ZenBuds also gathers data on your heart rate, body position and movement, giving an analysis of your sleep patterns to improve your sleep quality.

  • Long battery life to support all-day relaxation

    ZenBuds comes with 12-hour battery life on a single charge when sleep monitoring kept working after 3 hours’ sleep music ended and supports 8 nights of use when paired with the charging case, accompanying you all day long. Amazfit ZenBuds don’t just focus on helping you achieve the perfect night’s sleep – they wake you gently with a personal alarm that increases gradually and doesn’t disturb anyone around you. When you’re in the office support your performance to isolate external noise ensuring you can focus on your tasks, improving concentration, relieving stress and tension. Soothing sounds can also be delivered pre-loaded built into the headset, allowing users to listen to nature without being bound to an app. This is complemented by breathing training rhythms helping users to develop relaxation skills.

Pricing and availability

• Amazfit PowerBuds will be available in February 2020. The suggested retail price is USD99.9

• Amazfit ZenBuds will be available in 2020 as well but with no specific schedule.

Specifications of PowerBuds

• Bluetooth version: BT 5.0

• Size: 16.8*21.4*26.8mm

• Waterproof: IP55


• Headset Battery: 55mAh

• Box Battery: 450 mAh

• Headset Battery Life: 8 hours

• Box Battery Life: 16 hours

• Charging Method: Type C

• Headphone weight: 6g

• Single Plug-to-Go Earhook: 1g


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