Adidas brings out new jerseys for the debutante lacrosse league on Monday. The new look was the part of the multiyear partnership that’s signed earlier this month.

Todd Rolak, the senior designer for Adidas said, “As the creator sports brand, we set out to both challenge the status quo and blend the past with future. We have created and delivered some radical, game changing concepts that showcase our vision for the sport and highlight each team with unique tonality, team crests, graphics, and typography. These concepts serve to help elevate each team’s identity and foster new lacrosse club identities.”

The lacrosse league features a total of six teams. These six teams are, Archers LC, Atlas LC, Chrome LC, Redwoods LC and Whipsnakes LC. Each team’s jersey has been crafted with unique theme. The league is set to kick off in June of these years. It includes 14-week tour-based schedule taking place in 12 ‘major marketing place”.

The archers’ team has adopted the logo of arrow. Their jersey is embalmed with feather fetching graphic elements. The helmets also feature symbols of arrow. The Atlanta has taken to bull as a statement mascot. The Bull is to give away the message of speed, strength and size. Their helmet is going to have quirky bullhorn to represent the spirit of the team. LC Chaos is going to sport swarm of scorpions. Their jersey is going to sport the pattern of battle armor.

Chrome LC, on the other hand will be sporting armor too. But it is going to be of Knight. With a chainmail graphic pattern, their jersey will showcase a knight’s helmet. Redwood LC, being truthful to their name will have a sign of tree on their jersey. Whipsnake are having a design of coiled snake to represent the lightning speed and poisonous blow of the team.


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