YoGoody is a pioneering brand reshaping the health food landscape, with a focus on creating easily accessible, diet-friendly shakes that capture the creamy consistency and nutritional richness of yogurt. Already well-received in Europe, the company is now making its way into the North American market.

Yogurt has long been recognized as a cornerstone of health-conscious diets worldwide, including in the United States. It is revered for its low-calorie content and rich nutritional profile, boasting high levels of protein, phosphorus, calcium, and B vitamins, all while being low in lactose and high in probiotics. YoGoody takes inspiration from this nutritional standard and employs a team of nutritionists to craft their product line, starting with their flagship offering, 1.2.3. YOG.

“I knew there had to be an alternative to yogurt that could deliver the same kind of nutritional benefits,” states Anabela Ferreira, founder of YoGoody. “I created my company to do more than just offer a nutrient-rich health food. Too often, our pursuit of nutrition sacrifices environmental concerns as well as personal convenience. YoGoody is committed to finding safe, effective, and accessible health food alternatives that are as good for the planet as they are for the people eating them. With yogurt, for instance, there is a long refrigeration network that includes production, transportation, retailers, and your home. We remove the need for all of those resources.”

1.2.3. YOG represents a line of nutritional shakes, packaged as powders to extend their shelf life to a full year without the need for refrigeration—far surpassing the brief freshness window of traditional yogurt. The convenience of 1.2.3. YOG extends to its portability; simply adding the powder to a shaker with 6-7 ounces of cold water, shaking, and consuming makes it an ideal option for those on the go.

The eco-friendliness of YoGoody is a standout feature, with a reusable shaker and the elimination of refrigeration requirements contributing to its sustainable approach. The brand places a strong emphasis on responsible production practices that incorporate sustainable ingredients and packaging.

In terms of yogurt cultures, 1.2.3. YOG offers a unique advantage, functioning as both a pre and probiotic. Through a freeze-dry method, it maintains active culture strains in a dry powder form, effectively putting the beneficial bacteria “to sleep” until water is introduced. This innovation not only matches the probiotic benefits of yogurt but surpasses them, as it preserves all bacteria in each batch without the gradual decline seen in fresh yogurt.

1.2.3. YOG represents an innovative take on a classic superfood, delivering a yogurt-based alternative that excels in sustainability and convenience, all while being densely packed with essential nutrients. Already embraced in Portugal and across Europe, it is poised to make its mark in the U.S., where health-conscious consumers are eager to discover sustainable, diet-friendly options that cater to their busy lifestyles.


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