WINDGO, Inc., a research and development company specializing in smart material and vibrational transfer technologies, announced today that they have been granted US Patent No. 10,244,812 for a unique helmet that can sense and protect against dangerous impact. This exciting new patent can change the way the next generation of protective helmets and other headgear are designed and utilized.

“The face-mask of a motorcyclist’s helmet having this new protection system will contain tiny magnetic plates,” says VP of R&D, David Strumpf.  “When a motorcyclist flips his bike, an electrical charge stored from solar energy will discharge to an electromagnetic layer of the helmet causing the magnetic plates to resist each other at an instantaneously opposing force providing impact absorption damping. The compression of the plates when the motorcyclist hits the ground is then softened, measured and data-logged. The impact areas and forces can then be networked to an arriving ambulance to alert the EMT team to alert the concussive forces experienced, allowing the EMT team to respond immediately with the most appropriate treatment.”

The WINDGO Absorbud Helmet system comes with an adaptive face mask designed to detect, mitigate and absorb dangerous impacts. For instance, a typical tackle in the NFL can produce up to 1600 pounds of force on a player’s body, a force which can easily cause a concussion. The Absorbud Helmet is designed to minimize and record this potential injury with the world-class technology it employs.

The possible applications for WINDGO’s Abosrbud Helmet include hard hats for manufacturing and construction workers, all types of sports helmets such as skiing, snowboard, bicycle, skateboarding, rock climbing, kayaking, and military use. The technology is capable of utilizing a monitoring system that has an input device and an alarm, and communicates to the helmet electronically, lessening the chances of injury and dramatically increasing safety. In addition, there are a multitude of ways to manufacture these helmets including but not limited to molding, casting, machining and 3D printing.

This new technology is in line with WINDGO’s emphasis on energy, resonance and vibration technologies and products.

WINDGO, Inc. is focused on the IoT End-Node market expansion that is forecasted to exceed one trillion dollars by 2025. This new invention is based on technologies that evolved from the original works of inventor Fielding Staton. His invention of the Absorbud in 2013 has led to industry-changing advancements in macro, micro, and nano-based technologies.


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