MVPindex, the standard for end-to-end audience measurement and sponsorship valuation in sports and entertainment, is partnering with, an innovative software-defined network authentication service specifically tailored for guest and visitor networks, to provide clients with a secure, dynamic customer engagement platform that also delivers tremendous potential for audience insights and lead acquisition. This new partnership will enable clients using the MVPindex WiFi solution to seamlessly collect first-party information from their audiences on-site and engage with them in real time.

Currently, audience data comes from a mixture of direct sources such as a property app’s users, direct ticket sales, in-game and onsite marketing, as well as non-direct sources including TV, paid social and retail apparel sales. On average, less than 10 percent of that data is first-party – meaning that it comes directly from the fans themselves – which makes it tough for properties and brands to create authentic relationships with their customers. This new partnership changes that because the software collects first-party data on-site at the moment when customers are most engaged.

Teams, venues and their brand partners can learn more about their customers from their customers, creating opportunities for richer, more personalized brand experiences and additional sales during and after their visit.

“For popular sports franchises, getting fans inside a stadium is easy,” said Mike Perrone, founder and CEO of SocialSign.In. “The challenge is converting those fans into ongoing, engaged customers. The key to success is building a strong and more direct digital connection with your on-site audience, thereby limiting the reliance on third-party channels. delivers authenticated first-party data enabling venues and teams to drive higher engagement with fans and deliver highly personalized marketing campaigns both on and off-site.”

Today, nearly all arenas, stadiums and ballparks have WiFi; it’s become the No. 1-requested amenity among consumers. “In fact,” Perrone said, “WiFi is one of the only services where you have high customer demand, low friction and no need to change behavior, so there is an enormous opportunity to capture that data and drive brand engagement.”

The experience is simple. Visitors sign in to the guest WiFi with their email or Facebook profile to validate their identity, and upon entrance to the network, experience a personalized interaction curated by the team or venue, featuring branded content like surveys, coupons, contests, promotions, etc.

The software enables the guest WiFi to remember the customer and automatically sign him/her into a tailored experience on future visits, displaying highly relevant content driven by specific social profiles and prior actions. This first-party personalized marketing experience provides another channel for the property and its brand partners to interact with guests.

According to MVPindex CEO Stan Woodward, new and emerging regulations around privacy and data are causing many organizations to rethink how they approach marketing and the use of third-party data.

“The ability to build direct, first-party relationships has become critical,” Woodward said, “Like us, is GDPR compliant, and their software enables us to validate and collect first-party data on behalf of our clients at the time of highest engagement. Coupled with MVPindex’s end-to-end audience measurement and engagement platform, we’re providing a comprehensive service to our clients. Now more than ever, it’s essential to engage audiences in a way that feels seamless and authentic. This partnership makes that possible, which is why this is such a huge win for both our clients and their customers.”


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