Watch Your Health, one of the leading tech startup companies with more than 10 lakh serviced clients served digitally across India in association with Madhavbaug, a leading chain of 255 cardiac care clinics and 2 hospitals with more than 10 lakhs clients treated over a decade, have launched a Unique New Age Phygital Healthcare platform.

Both the companies with their unique set of expertise have together created a platform for Madhavbaug to drive treatment using Watch Your Health’s digital expertise with Madhavbaug’s decade-old expertise in Patient treatment. Data analysis and 120 plus National and International research papers submitted to universities like Lancet form has helped in the foundation of this platform.

This platform harnesses the rich data through Machine learning which helps in identifying patients’ problems much faster, suggest the patient a program and helps the doctor track the patient much faster and take necessary action.

“Our Expertise of digital journey with more than 10 Insurance companies have helped to broaden our vision, we are now advancing from user health and wellness space into patient treatment space and we hope we can influence lives and of course save lives of our fellow Indians,” said Ratheesh Nair, CEO, Watch your health, on this occasion.

The app tracks day-to-day activities and diet intake including statistics like No. of steps, sleep duration, and No. of active hours without any input from patient and help patient with a detailed analysis on his lifestyle pattern. With this the patient would know his/her adherence to the program set by the doctor.

The doctor on other hand can sit in his clinic and track patient adherence on diet, activities, medicine intake and other adherence as he has prescribed. The app also motivates patients and provide instant gratifications in form of badges and patient who is more disciplined would find his name in the wall of fame thus motivating other patients to achieve what seems unachievable.

“Madhavbaug has already proved the humongous benefits to the Heart patients when modern technology is integrated with research based Ayurveda. If it is added with technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence and remote patient monitoring then it can be the best tool to free India from the clutches of cardiovascular diseases,” said Rohit Sane, CEO, Madhavbaug.

“As world is facing ongoing challenge of Covid-19 pandemic, we are now well versed with the fatalities affecting patients suffering from heart related problems. With the use of WYH Technology, Madhavbaug can scale the outreach program and provide end to end services with much-needed precision and value to the patient. Patient’s will to get better is the prime objective and we seek his commitment to our program, rest is my job. Nothing makes me happier than to see a committed patient getting better day by day. My Mission seems more worthy when I see their loved one smile when the results are achieved,” he added.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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