Fitness has been a rising concern among people around and having on a whole new meaning, the necessity to stay fit has been vehemently followed by many. The onset of the COVID-19 and lockdowns taught us that our pursuit of fitness can be achieved without hitting the gym. Well, it is a good practice to be a gym enthusiast, however; there are other ways of workouts that have the utmost ability to make you fit without any hindrance. Despite having so many vaccination drives and surging cases of the fatal virus, seemingly it is hard to find out the ways to have a perfect workout. However, with such ambiguity, virtual platforms like The Tribe India promises to offer you the right kind of fitness filled with energy and fun.

With a vision to make people fit virtually, The Tribe India sets the virtual stage helm by the trio of experts Anushka Nandani, Karan Sawhney and Robin Behl, each being a seasoned fitness instructor with unique skill-sets, providing online workouts accessible anytime and from anywhere. While training a very diverse client base from around 17 countries worldwide and multiple cities in India over the popular video conferencing app – Zoom, The Tribe India offers a variety of top-notch workouts; tailor-made nutrition and emphasis on visualization and gratitude, all under the comfort of your home. Established in 2020, The Tribe India offers a versatile set of workouts namely Muay Thai & Mixed Martial Arts, Movement, Functional & Free Weight Training, HIIT, Strength & Conditioning, Speed & Agility, Dance Cardio & Tabata.

In an exclusive interview with Rajeev Biswas, from Sportz Business Fitness Magazine, Anushka Nandani, Karan Sawhney and Robin Behl, the three co-founders of The Tribe India, shares their thoughts on how virtual workouts can help you to achieve your fitness goals.

Let’s read them and find out what they have to say, as they provide the finest workout session at the end of each screen.

Anushka Nandani

Anushka NandaniQ Anushka tell us something about your journey so far?

I have been an athlete since my early school days. I was always involved in some kind of physical activity throughout my life, fitness was something that came to me quite naturally. Even during my free time I like to listen to new music and try to choreograph fitness moves that go with them. The turning point was when I myself lost 20kgs and decided to take fitness up as a career choice rather than a 9-5 job which required no movement. The mantra that I live by is “Your body and mind are capable of amazing things. You just have to give them a chance.” By this motto I have helped and trained over 300 people and encouraged them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Q What really excited you the most as being the co-founder of The Tribe India, and tell us more about your life-changing transformation of losing 20-kgs yourself?

The most exciting part of co-founding The Tribe is constantly being able to challenge and learn new things about your body and mind. I also get to interact with different people on a daily basis and to help them become better versions of themselves.

My transformation was not just of the body but of my entire being. It encouraged me to take steps that have led me to where I am today. I value and respect my body in ways I didn’t know were even possible. It also taught me about the power each one of us carries within ourselves and if we channel it in the right direction, amazing things can happen.

Q Being having a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business and Marketing, and now a fitness trainer, what led you to make this transition?

My passion for fitness and the will to explore the possibilities of following my heart was what led me to make a career transition. The skills and lessons I picked up in business school have been greatly instrumental in helping grow The Tribe India.

Q Take us through the fitness regimes/training that you offer at The Tribe India?

Having certifications in various forms of exercise such as Zumba, Aerobics, Functional Training and Mat Pilates, I strive to combine it all into a 60-minute calorie torching cardio and toning session. Dance cardio & Aerobics form the crux of the workout followed by Mat Pilates for toning and posture correction.

Karan Sawhney

Karan SawhneyQ Karan, tell us something about yourself, and how sport has helped you to foray into the world of physical fitness?

Born and brought up in Mumbai, I started my career in the youth set-up of Mahindra United, for which I was a part of the under-15 and under-19 team. I played football professionally for 16 years in the Indian Super League, Asia Cup and Indian League. For the last 5 years, I have been around fulltime in the fitness industry. I have always been into sports since I was a child and my grandfather is my inspiration as he was the first personal trainer in the country and also started the first gym “Talwalkars” in the country. Thus, fitness came naturally. My mantra on being fit is “Fitness not only makes you feel good but prepares you in facing challenges that life throws at us, head on and keep moving forward.”

Q Kindly share your experiences while been associated with topnotched brands like Hugo Boss, Vogue, Aditya Birla, ASICS, Godrej and more?

It’s been absolutely exceptional to say the least. All the above-mentioned brands have been great with handling the talent they have been working with. Taking care of the smallest of needs to being professional and releasing pay as promised that is something to learn from and appreciate.

Q What really excited you the most as being the co-founder of The Tribe India?

The most exciting part is that I wake up to doing something I am so passionate about. I look forward to each day and am extremely grateful about it. It’s great to cater to clients from more than 17 countries and along with Robin and Anushka it’s even easier as we all share the same love and it’s nice for us to feed off on the energy of The Tribe community. It makes us want to do more and still think there’s scope for improvement every single day.

Q Take us through the fitness regimes?

To be honest my day is different everyday! Along with conducting classes and all the backend work at The Tribe I also am an expert on Star sports for the Indian Super League. There is a chance you can find me inside the commentary box. Although I make it a point to exercise, visualize and read every single day.

Robin Behl

Robin BehlQ Hi Robin, previously being a filmmaker and now a fitness trainer, what led you to shift yourself to fitness from a filmmaking career?

Initially I was trying to manage both. Once we were locked down in March 2020. We officially started the Tribe virtually & I absolutely fell in love with it. I used to wake up excited to meet a bunch of people who were up and waiting for me to make them move and it was overwhelming. A couple of months into this I realised this is something I was more inclined towards that also helped me keep up with my passion to travel & learn since I could work out of anywhere remotely.

For the last few months, The Tribe has given me the liberty to live in Mexico & learn under the teacher I have been following for years as well as manage The Tribe & keep the community moving.

Q Kindly share some of your experiences regarding your training at the prestigious Shaolin Temple, China and Muay Thai from AKA Thailand?

At the Shaolin Temple, it was an exhilarating experience overall. Probably the best period of life I have lived. It taught me discipline, dedication and focus towards the art. It also taught me how to incorporate everything in life since Kung fu as a practice needs to be done with 100% passion and presence.

Being in that environment filled with like-minded people & absolute warriors, I learnt the hard way but it taught me how to deal with absolutely any situation that comes in front of me. Life there was real which incorporated training, eating, sleeping, learning the language, teaching English and repeating. Your Shifu (master/teacher) was like yourfather where you followed instructions hands on & there was no questioning or going against it. I have utmost respect for the man till date as he taught me so much more than just Kung Fu while also ways of applying it in my everyday life.

Q What really excited you the most as being the co-founder of The Tribe India?

Honestly, it would be partnering up with Karan & Anushka since it’s rare to find people as crazy about something as you are. People who are willingly ready to sleep in on a Friday night in order to lead a bunch of people early Saturday morning and be excited about it. It’s little things like these that got us moving together & also each other’s infectious energy that helps push each other every time we feel we’re burning out or down low. Another thing is the beautiful community that unintentionally helps push us & gives more credit to us than we’d deserve. It’s actually each one showing up and putting in the work that motivates the other people on the end of each screen. There were a lot more things that were exciting about it but these two by far steal the show.

Q Take us through the fitness regimes that you carry at The Tribe India?

I start my day at 6am every morning then go for a good swim or surfing. Post which I start with online personal training around 8 to 9 am and then move on to my breakfast and manage back-end work with The Tribe team. Shortly after, I start with my movement training from 11 am and have lunch and rest after that.

Towards the evening I start with my movement training again from 4PM -6:30 PM, and do Jiu Jitsu (Brazilian martial art) from 7pm – 8pm. I wrap up my day with dinner and a HIIT class for The Tribe from 09:30 – 10:30 PM. From Monday to Friday that’s what my day looks like and on Saturdays I do an active recovery while Sunday I usually relax.

The Tribe India as a Brand

Q Tell us something about your client base and how you guys consider virtual exercise better compared to physically visiting the gym?

At The Tribe we have a very diverse client base from around 17 countries worldwide and multiple cities in India. We offer a variety of top-notch workouts; tailor made nutrition and emphasize on visualization and gratitude. All of this under one roof at competitive prices. Catering to all fitness levels, we are sure to make you stronger, faster and make you fall in love with moving every day.

Q Kindly share details related to the subscription plans of virtual classes at The Tribe India?

1 Month-4,750/- +GST

3 Months-12,500/- +GST

6 Months-22,750/- +GST

Q How do you see the future of virtual fitness learning in the near future?

Virtual training is already flourishing in the west. It is relatively new in India and has seen a boom in the pandemic. Market penetration in this space is negligible. Thus, virtual fitness can only go upwards here on.

Q Any impact on your fitness goals/training regards to the recent outburst of the pandemic?

Due to the pandemic, we are all homebound. Being stuck at home, movement is very restricted. Making it crucial for all age groups to take time out for themselves and get moving. Virtual fitness has seen a rise in the pandemic globally.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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