Treadmills are a very common type of gym equipment that can be found in gyms and fitness centers. There are a variety of treadmills which one would have come across while making a visit to the gym. Some of the varieties of treadmills can also be found at homes. The users obtain many advantages from using the various types of Treadmills.

  1. A treadmill is easy to use and is suited to individuals belonging to almost all ages. As long as individuals are able to walk properly and maintain their balance, the treadmill is definitely beneficial for the user.
  2. By using a treadmill, the users will be able to design customized programs that fit into their fitness goals as well as time requirements.
  3. The users would be able to burn calories at a rapid pace when compared to many other forms of exercise such as an exercise bike that are performed indoors. Besides, the user would be able to control every aspect of a treadmill workout.
  4. The surface of the treadmill is usually predictable which makes it easier for individuals to walk or run, as compared to moving on the roads or pavements where the surface could be uneven. Hence, the chances of tripping or suffering from injury are higher.

Treadmill Exercise provides many health benefits for users. Individuals would be able to burn excess fat effectively by taking up running or jogging on a treadmill. They are also recommended to start walking or jogging for a minimum of 30 minutes a day which can be slowly increased to 60 minutes a day. By running on a treadmill, the joints of individuals are less affected as compared to outdoor running, which makes treadmill exercise an ideal option for individuals.

Treadmills are of different types such as residential, commercial, electrical, magnetic and of other types.

Commercial Treadmills are quite different from that of other treadmills. Some of the benefits that commercial treadmills provide are as follows:

  • Running at Faster Speed

Individuals who run at a faster speed on a continuous basis would find commercial treadmills to be ideal, as it contains a broad as well as a thick belt that provides extra shock absorption, including making sure that the legs and joints suffer from lesser strains.

  • Availability of a range of measuring equipment

The presence of a range of measuring equipment to measure the various parameters such as time, speed, heart rate, distance covered and in many cases even the calories burnt are considered to be the reasons to choose a commercial treadmill.

  • Perform Workouts for Longer Hours

Commercial Treadmills are highly suited for individuals who would be able to perform workouts with them on a continuous basis and at high speed. These treadmills are ideally suitable for extended workout and cardio sessions.

  • Good Performance Analysis

Various parameters that include calories burnt, distance covered, heart rate and few others are covered by these treadmills which helps individuals to track their movements and performance.

For instance, the CRUX X6 Commercial Treadmill is one such equipment that contains a host of attractive features which can benefit the users and help them to measure and track their activity levels on a regular basis to understand their health and fitness levels much better.

CRUX X6 Commercial Treadmill

Crux fitness equipment is introduced by India’s largest fitness equipment supplier – The India Fitness Connect Pvt Ltd (TIFC). The brand caters to the ever-increasing demand for premium and value-based fitness and gym equipment. Backed by an experienced team of highly proficient service professionals, Crux offers 360-degree solutions and act as a single platform for wellness and fitness equipment, gym flooring, and fitness accessories. Its eclectic range of gym equipment is perfect for any fitness space; whether you’re looking for a setup in a corporate gym or need exercise equipment at recreation clubs, Crux has a vast range of Cardio and Strength machines to suit your needs.

This Treadmill contains several features that make it attractive for use by the user.

The list of features of CRUX X6 Commercial Treadmill are given below:

Peak horse-power: 5.0hp

Motor: 2.5hp ac

Speed: 1-20km/h

Incline: 0% – 15%

Screen: LED display

Display content: time, calories, pulse, speed, incline, distance

Heart rate: hand pulse

Shock absorption system: multiple shock absorption system

Running deck: 520*1450mm, comfortable, safe, durable

Maximum user’s weight: 130kg

Dimensions (mm) : 2030*910*1530 (LxWxH)

N.W./.G.W.: 141kg/173kg


CRUX X6 Commercial Treadmill is certainly expected to provide long term benefits by helping those who are desperate to own exercise equipment for performing daily workouts.

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The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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