5 Most Extreme Sports in the World

It’s not just today that sport has become part of our lives — consider the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece — but, for some time now, more and more uncommon practices have surfaced. Whether because of the desire to live life to the fullest or the unabating hunt for new challenges, extreme sports are becoming more and more popular worldwide. Discover, below, the most practiced extreme sports across the globe.

1. Climbing

Since the beginning of our history, man has had to climb, either in search of food or in an attempt to escape from terrestrial predators – the fact is that height has always been our companion. Climbing as a sporting practice, conversely, does not have a certain date of appearance: it is gauged that it took place in the mid-1970s, invented by a Ukrainian.

The first registered championship happened in just 1985. Sport climbing can be a team or individual sport. The equipment generally required to practice it are: The seat belt (which holds climbers in case of a fall); a rope fit for practice; as well as specific shoes for stepping on the rocks. And of course a lot of strength and flexibility is also needed.

2. Skateboard

In the late 50’s, Californian surfers, who were already short of patience to wait for good waves to surf, determined to think of a similar activity, but that did not rely upon weather and tide conditions. Here comes the first skateboard: with roller skates on a wooden board having a shape like that of a board. For those who want to learn skating, the good news is that you no longer require purchasing skates and a board as they are now sold pre-assembled. Playing aside, in addition to skateboarding, to practice the sport it is also suggested to wear a helmet and, if possible, knee and elbow protectors too.

3. Rafting

Similar to climbing, the first recorded rafting was done as a result of necessity rather than sport, taking place in 1869 on an expedition on the Colorado River. Considering the peril of the equipment and the wooden boat, it is plausible to imagine the ruin that was caused in the end. After a few years, however, wooden boats were supplanted by inflatable boats and rafting became a sport.

In general, rafting is done in groups, with the number of participants influenced by the size of the boat. Though the practice can also be performed individually, this is not indicated, as it can cause lack of help in case of accidents. So, it is advisable get expert assistance to practice. To begin venturing you will require: Inflatable boat; oars; clothing suitable for water; helmet; and survival kits.

4. Jump With A Parachute

Parachute jumps have been around since man decided he would fly and he did. They initially were utilized both for aircraft emergency maneuvers and for invasions of strategic locations during the war. Skydiving is possibly one of the most expensive extreme sports, due to the fact that to practice it, you first require being on a specific plane, which will take off solely for you (and whoever else you’re with) can perform the jump. Also, whoever is a beginner must first jump under the supervision of an instructor, as to practice the sport alone it is needed to obtain a certificate of their own.

5. Bungee Jumping

The origin of bungee jumping is actually little known, but there are some fascinating theories about its emergence. One, for instance, involves a woman who jumped out of a tree with her ankles tied in order to prove her purity to her husband. But the fact is that this practice emerged, as a sport, in mid-1954, or at least that was when it gained ground. As with other extreme sports, it is crucial that you seek specialized professional help, which can guarantee you safety while practicing the sport. To practice bungee jumping it is required to use: Clips; belts; couplings; and, above all, an elastic rope, which assures the safety and triumph of the jump.


Finally, of course, a dose of courage is also vital. As we have witnessed, some extreme sports came up in an absolutely unparalleled way, but owing to the adrenaline and pleasure they could generate, they became popular with the public in no time. Notwithstanding this, it is worth recalling that extreme sports have this name for a reason: they always pose some hazard and, hence, it is imperative that you have ways to safeguard yourself in case something happens.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.

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