Studio 30 , an exemplary fitness brand of California has been a successful fitness factory that has revolutionized fitness regimes. with its ’30 mins kettlebell’ method it grew leaps and bounds in the time when it was developed in 2014. Since then the methodology has benefitted numerous chunk of population. Studio 30 founder Cathy Gonzalez has been successfully running a fitness business since 2010 and it is Cathy’s fitness journey led to the love of kettlebells.

Studio 30 has just acquired the permission to franchise itsElf so that its market footprints can be increased and more fitness enthusiasts can be brought onboard, making the buzz of fitness a hum of life.

“Basically, any exercise you do with weights, you can adapt to the kettlebell giving you a strength and cardio workout all in one,” says owner/founder Cathy Gonzalez. “Add the fact that you are only working out with a kettlebell and, wow, major calorie burn!” The kettlebell by itself, and the imbalance your muscles face when working out with it, cause the participant to utilize multiple muscle groups in every exercise. Couple this concept with a 30-minute class. Clients flock to a 30-minute workout because it fits their schedule, is fast, efficient and gives them a workout they won’t find at the big box gyms.

The great thing about owning a Studio 30 franchise is a proven, qualified lean infrastructure. Studio 30, The Kettlebell Fit Club, has been operating on this concept for years. It works. The current fitness franchises want a minimum $200K investment with a huge facility and tons of equipment. All Studio 30 suppliers are in the U.S., therefore, there are no equipment delays to open the doors, plus a minimal build-out plan and cost-efficient equipment package. This means every franchise owner can start collecting revenue to recoup initial costs right away. Keeping costs low with multiple streams of revenue turns into a win-win for the franchise.


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