If you are looking for a complete body workout then we have something for you, which can help you at the level best in your weight loss journey. Well known as HIIT workout, this High-intensity interval training workout combines bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity movement. However, being shorter in duration than your usual workouts, HIIT can range from 10-30 minutes in length, although studies show that this style can produce results similar to twice the amount of moderate-intensity training.

Incorporating HIIT Workout in your daily exercise regime burns tons of calories in a short amount of time, and also helps to keep your metabolism revving for hours after your workout is completed, improves cardiovascular strength and oxygen consumption, and boosts your overall fitness.

High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT workout is one of the most popular fitness innovations of the 21st century, made famous through big-name gyms and group fitness chains. The ultra-challenging mix of cardiovascular and strength training allows you to burn calories quickly and for a sustained period. With the help of this article, we will figure out some of the top 10 HIIT workouts that you can perform in the comfort of your home.

Proven Benefits of HIIT Workout

There are several reasons you might want to get stuck into the best HIIT workout you can find, but for the most part, it’s efficiency. These high-intensity workouts have been designed in such a way that it helps to burn calories and sustain muscle mass over an extended period, often in a shorter timeframe. Nevertheless, let’s get a glimpse of some of the benefits that these workouts have.

  • Great for Fat Loss – The primary reason people turn to HIIT exercises is fat loss, and for good reason. Various studies have found that doing high-intensity training three times a week for 12 weeks reduces cardiovascular disease, improves vascular functions and lowers body fat. However, another study has revealed that people performing HIIT three times per week for 20 minutes per session lost 2 kgs, of body fat in 12 weeks without any dietary changes.
  • Elevates Metabolic Rate – performing HIIT workout increases metabolic rate. These high-intensity workouts are effective because they allow you to burn calories long after the workout has finished. Certain studies suggest that HIIT can elevate your metabolism for hours after exercise. This results in additional calories being burned even after you have finished exercising.
  • Improves Overall Health – HIIT workout is not just a tool to use to lean out. It can improve your overall health, too. Fifty different studies have revealed that HIIT reduces blood sugar levels. Further research shows it can reduce resting heart rate and blood pressure in overweight and obese individuals.

Top 10 HIIT Workouts

1.) Skaters – Begin standing with feet hip distance apart. Bend one leg behind the other and maintain balance on the opposite leg. Drive off the standing leg to leap sideways, landing softly on the opposite leg. Be sure to land on the ball of your foot with your hips and knees bent slightly, keeping the opposite leg elevated. Repeat rapidly from side to side.

2.) Cross-Body Mountain Climber – Get into a high-plank position, keeping shoulders aligned with your wrists. Draw in the abs as you alternate bringing each knee towards the opposite elbow as if running in a prone position.

3.) Squat Jump – Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart and clasp the hands in front of the chest. Bend the knees to come into a squat position, then drive through the heels to explode into the air as you move the arms down and back for momentum. Land back in your squat with the glutes and thighs engaged, and continue jumping rapidly.

4.) Burpee – Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands at your sides. Bend the knees and reach your palms to the floor, then jump back into plank position. Perform one full push-up, then jump the feet forward to come back to a squat position. Jump up, bringing the arms overhead or swinging backwards. Land softly, then repeat from the beginning.

5.) High Knees – High Knees are another easy exercise with no requirement for training equipment. High Knees help strengthen all muscles in your legs and increase your heartbeat, which further improves coordination and flexibility in the body. To perform High Knees, open your feet to a hip-width and then lift your left knee towards your chest, perform the same thing with the other leg at a running speed. You should also try keeping your arms extended and let the knees touch the palms when you perform the exercise.

6.) Lunge Jumps – Lunge jumps are an advanced variation of a normal walking lunge exercise. The exercise accounts for jumping high in the air and switching to your other foot ahead before landing. This exercise requires no weight lifting equipment and burns a tremendous number of calories. It also helps in boosting your heart rate. To perform Lunge Jumps stand with your legs at least shoulders width apart. Move a leg forward with your spine straight. Now flex your leg and go down, make sure your leg should be perpendicular to the floor. Now at last jump and put the other leg forward and repeat the exercise.

7.) Jumping Jacks – Jumping jacks, also called side-straddle hop, are a full-body exercise that can be done almost anywhere all thanks to the no requirement of training equipment. To perform Jumping Jacks firstly stand straight with your feet at least hip-width apart. Make sure that you keep your shoulders relaxed and look straight ahead. Now jump and move your feet laterally apart. At the same time, move your hands up and down over your head. Repeat the steps by following the same.

8.) Skipping – Rope Jumping, also known as skipping, is preferred by thousands of people over running because of its uncountable benefits. It looks easy, burns a lot of calories, and it’s fun indeed. To perform skipping, all that you need is a rope. Now stand straight, and keep your legs close to each other with your elbow near your stomach. And, now jump and make the rope do a circle around your body from head to toe. You can also change the jump by jumping forward and backwards.

9.) Push-Ups – Push-ups are the most common HIIT workout exercise. However, they are tough for beginners. But when you train daily, you get used to it and start liking it. Push-ups are best for building the upper body. It helps form the Chest, Shoulders, and triceps, Push-ups require no training equipment and can be performed easily at home. To practice push-ups, one needs to get into a cat position with palms and toe tips touching the ground. Now go down on your chest and touch the ground. Make sure your spine doesn’t bend, and the legs are straight. As you gain experience, you can challenge yourself by putting your toes close to each other.

10.) Russian Twist – The Russian Twist is a simple yet very effective HIIT workout to train your core, and hips. The Russian Twist is a popular exercise among athletes all thanks to after-effects that help athletes in twisting movements and quickly change direction. To perform Russian Twist, one needs to take the ground position with their legs extended in the front. After that, raise your knees up and assume a v-sit position. Make sure to keep both your legs shoulder-width apart from each other. Now, in the end, twist from one side to another. Repeat it several times to train the body.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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