Cricket bats are considered to be an important asset for the sport of cricket. Cricket bats and balls are the major sports equipment used in the whole game. And in India where cricketers are being loved and praised like God by the fans, cricket bats have their own prominence.

So with this article, we will explain to you the types of bats and how one should choose the best bat for different levels.

India participates in the production and manufacturing of cricket bats equipment following high demand.

There is a huge variety of bats that are manufactured in India.

So let’s first talk about the production of the bats.

Production of Runs Making Bats

The production of bats takes a longer time compared to other sports equipment.

Firstly the trees are planted 15-30 years before making a bat.

The tree also depends on the finishing of the bats. The finishing is extracted from two different kinds of trees i.e. Kashmir Willow and English Willow.

1. Kashmir Willow

It is used as a substitute for the English Willow and the wood used is also said to be quite hard that eventually doesn’t give the high performance while striking a leather ball.

This Willow is only produced in India and is used for cheap bats that are not so professional and used on a regular basis.

2. English Willow

It is a kind of timber that is rich in fibers and soft. Many professionals prefer English Willow as it gives high-performance effect while striking a leather bat.

The English Willow is also said to be of hard nature and doesn’t get dented or scared easily.

After extraction of base material, the bats are sharped and shaped. And then various steps are taken to make it a perfect bat.

The rest of the work is of polishing and giving it a perfect finish and with this production of bats complete.

Now let’s go further on the highly asked question How to choose a perfect bat?

Choosing something is always confusing.

It’s alright we have made it easy though.

While choosing a bat one should be clear with the level they are purchasing bat to use.

Let’s get started with the answers to every question.

  • No of grains on the bat

The high-quality Willow is generally made with six to twelve grains on the bat. If the bat consists of six grains that it will make the bat softer and will take time to give the high performance or won’t reach to the desired standards.

  • Quality of bat

The quality of the bat totally depends on the Willow used, whether it is English Willow or Kashmir Willow.

There are four standards of bats for different types of playing styles.

  • Grade 1+ ( matches test match level)
  • G-1 ( professional level)
  • G-2 ( top club level)
  • G-3 ( lower league level)
  • G-4 ( beginner level)
  • Pick up and shape

This is particularly dependent on individual preferences. It totally depends whether you want to choose a high weighted bat or low weighted bat. The shape also depends on the players’ needs and style of playing.

  • Handle

The length of the bat you are choosing totally depends on your own height. If you are 5’5 then you should opt for a short handle bat. And if you are above 6’2 then you should opt for a long handle bat.

  • Toe guard

A toe guard is applied on the bat at the toe or the bottom of the part as it is the weakest part of the bat and has chances to get damaged soon. So always opt a bat with toe guard.

Now let’s begin with the Top 10 Bats for Leather Balls.

1. SG RSD Spark Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Cricket batsWeight:- 1180-1250 grams

Price range:- 1100-2000 INR

Benefits:- The bat provides high performance and contains 11-13 straight grains. The bat gives durable performance.

2. Spartan MS Dhoni Finisher Kashmir-Willow Cricket Bat

Spartan MS DhoniWeight:- 1300-1500 grams

Price range:- 1600-2500 INR

Benefits:- The brand is endorsed by MS Dhoni and is ideal for beginner’s level. The bat is made of Kashmir Willow and will give a great performance. The bat is classical styled in look.

3. SS Magnum English Willow Cricket Bat

SS MagnumWeight:- Lightweight 1000 grams approx.

Price range:- 1400-3000 INR

Benefits:- The bat is made up of Kashmir Willow and is a lightweight bat and suitable for kids as well.

4. GM Sting Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

GM Sting KashmirWeight:- 1220-1400 grams

Price range:- 1000-1500 INR

Benefits:- The bat uses Kashmir Willow and is known for its smooth performance. The bat won’t disappoint you in any anyway. The bat is balanced and not much heavy to handle.

5. DSC Scorer Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

DSC Scorer Kashmir WillowWeight:- 1800-2000 grams

Price range:- 1200-1600

Benefits:- The bat is made up of Kashmir Willow and known for its power pick up and high performance. Bats are finished with base guard protection.

6. New Balance DC 380 Kashmir-Willow Cricket Bat

New Balance DCWeight:- 1300-1800 grams

Price range:- 1800-2300 INR

Benefits:- The bat is made of Kashmir Willow and is ideal for the beginning level. These bats look great and will do justice with its stylish look and performance.

7. SS Magnum Kashmir-Willow Cricket Bat

SS Magnum KashmirWeight:- 1100-1600 grams

Price range:- 1200-1800 INR

Benefits:- The bat is made of Kashmir Willow and has a great grip. The bat is pocket-friendly as well as gives excellent performance.

8. MRF Popular Willow Tennis Cricket Bat

MRF Popular WillowWeight:- 2.5-3 kgs approx

Price range:- 1500-3000

Benefits:- The MRF bat is ideal for striking sixes and fours. MRF bats are very popular among youngsters and a name which is very recognized.

9. New Balance TC (360) Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

New Balance TCWeight:- 1200-1300 grams

Price range:- 1800-2300 INR

Benefits- The bat is made of strong Kashmir Willow and is not so heavy in weight. The bat has a nice grip and flawless finish that is attractive and eye-catching This bat won’t disappoint you in an anyway whether it is performance or looks.

10. DSC Condor Elite Kashmir-Willow Cricket Bat

DSC Condor EliteWeight:- 1400-1800 grams

Price range:- 1600-2000 INR

1. Benefits:- The Kashmir Willow bat is classy in look. The bat has an excellent grip and nice pickup. The bat is handcrafted by master craftsman and this has been proved with it the look and finishing.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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