Barbells are one of the notable gym equipment that opens up all the phases of compound exercises. This equipment is a one-stop shop for strength, muscle mass, fat loss, and power. The reason behind this is that you can load up the barbell with more weight compared to the potential of kettlebells and dumbbells. Barbells are great tools for any fitness level and can be used for practically any form of lifting. With the help of this article, we will try to figure out some of the best barbells for your gym that you can consider buying for your own fitness centre.

Similar to any other big gym equipment purchase, buying a barbell should be handled with care and attention. Many different types of barbells are available in the market, which can make it even harder to find the best fit for your lifting needs. Our list of the best barbells aims to demystify some of the confusion that can come along with buying a new barbell so that you can focus on lifting heavy and often.

Factors to be Consider Before Buying Barbells

  • Barbells Whip – The whip is the flexibility of the bar, a common term for the ends of the bar bouncing at the end of a repetition, or a phase of a lift. The main factors in determining the amount of whip are; the material from which the bar is made, and the diameter of the bar. The thickness of the plates used can also affect the whip that the user can generate. By contrast, bumper plates, which spread the weight load on the bar, cause the bar to behave completely differently than calibrated weight plates, which take up less sleeve space as the plates are thinner. This allows users to load more plates onto the barbell and keeps the weight nearer to the centre of the bar.
  • Barbell Storage – Storage is important in order to keep your barbell safe and sound. If you will leave your barbell in a humid condition then it will come under the influence of corrosion. Look for a barbell which has anti-corrosion properties to prevent it from rusting. This will save you from having to spend a lot of time trying to remove the rust or replacing the barbell entirely.
  • Capacity – Load capacity is determined by the length of the sleeve which is commonly 433mm. However, this can be longer on barbells manufactured for niche powerlifting federations. The width of the plate that you use also determines the load capacity. Competition powerlifting weight plates, for example, are much thinner than cast iron gym plates or Olympic Bumper Plates. This is due to the much greater loads handled in the powerlifting disciplines, so you can stack them closer to be able to add more weight to the bar.
  • Barbell Finish – The finish on a barbell serves many purposes. It adds to the feel of the bar in the hands, aid grip, and can help protect against rusting. Bare steel bars offer a nice grip with a natural feel. However, bare steel is more likely to rust so will need more regular maintenance. Whereas black oxide bars offer more oxidation protection than bare steel and do not require as much maintenance as bare steel.

Top 10 Best Barbells for Your Gym

1.) Mirafit 4ft Standard 1in Barbell – This is one of the best barbells for your gym. This basic 4ft (122cm) bar is more suitable in that scenario and if you have been using adjustable dumbbells with 1 in-weight plate you can put them to good use with this entry-level bar.

2.) BLK BOX Utility Bar – This is one of the best barbells for your gym. This 7ft, 20kg Olympic barbell is a versatile option that can be used for both weightlifting and powerlifting, with a high maximum weight of 600kg and a 28mm shaft. It’s a great all-purpose bar that’s also good value and ideal for the home gym of a pretty experienced lifter who isn’t quite ready to spend the huge sums required for the top-of-the-range bars.

3.) Mirafit Olympic Trap Bar – This is one of the best barbells for your gym. This trap barbell works just as well whether you are just starting out on your deadlift journey or are ready to rep at high weight. The knurling is pronounced, giving you the grip, you’ll need once you have progressed to the really heavy weights, and the load-bearing capability of 300kg would be enough for even a regular lifter.

4.) Rogue Olympic WL Bar – This is one of the best barbells for your gym. Built to International Weightlifting Federation specifications, this is a mammoth 7ft long and rated 215KPI barbell comfortably takes the kinds of weight stacked on the barbell for Olympic-style lifting. The 28mm diameter makes for a great amount of whip, but the Olympic WL also has exceptional durability, helping it to sustain its shape drop after drop. The needle bearings should aid seamless transitions when rotating for a clean and press, too.

5.) Eleiko IPF Powerlifting Bar – This is one of the best barbells for your gym. Its bars have been used in several world record attempts and are featured in the Olympics, too. However, while the Rogue Olympic WL bar offers an appealing combination of quality and affordability, the Eleiko’s Performance Powerlifting Bar is simply head and shoulders above the rest. The bar’s knurling is carved deep for maximum grip and includes a centre knurling for squats, so all heavy lifts are catered for. If that wasn’t enough, a 29mm diameter and 215KPI Swedish steel make this a perfect bar to grab tightly and lift for your life.

6.) Synergee Games Barbell – This is one of the best barbells for your gym. The Synergee Games barbell includes 10 sets of needle bearings, so the sleeves of this bar can easily spin and move as you are lifting. Olympic lifting is about mobility, not stability and rigid weights. This bar reflects the same. The knurling is also delicate, to help improve your grip without tearing up the skin on your hands. With this barbell, you will enjoy a 190,000 PSI rating and 1,500 weight capacity, so this bar shouldn’t bend even if you repeatedly drop it from overhead.

7.) REP Fitness Gladiator MX Barbell – This is one of the best barbells for your gym. This barbell has 190,000 PSI tensile strength, no centre knurling and a versatile design suitable for nearly any purpose. The barbell is designed for Olympic weightlifting, so the sleeves i.e., the ends of the bar, where the plates slide on, allow for easy loading. The plates can also rotate freely as the bar moves.

8.) CAP OB-86B Beast Barbell – This is one of the best barbells for your gym. This multi-use barbell fits well both in your home and gym. It’s made from Japanese cold-rolled steel with a black phosphate finish, and it’s designed for strength and longevity.

9.) Rogue Fitness Ohio Power Bar – This is one of the best barbells for your gym, as it is considered the best powerlifting barbell available in the market. The Rogue Fitness Ohio Power Bar includes powerlifting-specific, aggressive knurling as well as thinner collars. This enables you to load even more weight on both ends. It’s a heavy-duty bar designed for the serious strength athlete, backed by Rogue’s lifetime warranty.

10.) Get RxD Stealth Bar – This is one of the best barbells for your gym. This model offers a rugged build with high tensile strength of 216,000 PSI, but the slightly smaller dimensions provide better control for those with a smaller build. This barbell is made of hard chrome coating, and has dual knurling marks, for Olympic lifters or powerlifters.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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