A light and refreshing vegan protein – Green Protein is completely, wholly, 100% plant-based vegan protein beverage that allows you to incorporate protein into your diet. Aside from being delicious and nutritious, it is also free of any harmful additives and is suitable for all age groups.

The brainchild of Madhvi Datwani, Parag Khimani, and Parigna Thorat, Green Protein is your new age, one-stop solution to a protein-rich body. The 3 best friends started with one single aim – to change the way protein is thought of in the Indian Market, and to make it a more sustainable and (a ) suitable alternative to its non-vegetarian counterparts. They wanted to ensure that protein becomes easily accessible, more fun, and increasingly tasty. Not only is Green Protein more affordable when compared to traditional whey protein, but it is also more ethical, kinder, and healthier.

What makes Green Protein a league apart? Other than being crafted with love and passion, it is made keeping in mind the needs of the families of today. Green Protein accounts for busy schedules, changing lifestyles, picky tastes, and proves to be a head-on solution. It is easy to use and fun to add to your diet. Attractive packaging and innovation make it seem like a cool choice and not a dreary compulsion.

Easily available, doesn’t break your bank or pinch your pockets. With its 100% pea protein isolate with no hidden compounds and fun, fruity flavours, it is great to taste and easy to use.

What’s more is that Green Protein is the only plant-based protein company that makes use of 100% pea protein isolate, unlike alternatives that make use of cheaper compounds to reduce company costs. Green Protein is also the first of its kind with fruit flavoured variants, unlike the been-there-done-that chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla options. With just the stir of a spoon, the premium product is ready to consume, eliminating the need for blenders, shakers, and mixers.

Green Protein is backed by compassion, care, and conscience. It was conceptualised over simple conversations involving coffee and 3 best friends.

Madhvi – a lawyer, and mom to 4 teenagers and 2 dogs, has been dabbling with the idea of veganism and is against dairy due to the cruelty the industry propagates. She realised there was a dearth of healthy but appetising options for her kids who are fanatics of sugar-rich drinks. Parag, a business graduate from New York, hailing from a Jain family,  was tired of depending on eggs for protein, when the lentils and paneer just weren’t cutting it for his sports-oriented lifestyle. He always felt that he couldn’t reach his optimal performance due to the limitations of his vegetarian diet.

Parigna too has always been in search of nutritious options for herself and her toddler. Allergic to dairy, she’s had to look for ways to supplement protein in her diet. She is also someone who’s conscious about the environmental impact of modern food choices.

The trio needed a solution – something that everyone could turn to, no matter their age or requirement. From children and teenagers to parents and grandparents, problems such as gut health, hair fall, weak bones, and protein deficiency are raging and rampant. The idea to create a simple drink that was fun, fresh, and fruity was born. Green Protein was created keeping in mind modern-day families that look for modern-day solutions.

With Green Protein comes the promise of great taste and great health. It has been tailored to suit the needs of people like you and me and not just fitness enthusiasts. Gone are the days of turning to and sticking with something unpalatable. Green Protein is plant-based and free from the side effects associated with traditional whey protein. It is attractive, yummy, and affordable.

From tropical picks like Pineapple and Black Currant to summery options like Watermelon, Berry Blast and Raw Mango, the flavours are designed to make the consumption of protein fun. It is sold in single-serving sachets at Rs.79 each, as well as in 1lb pouches at Rs.1397 each. 20% cheaper than other alternatives that are only sold in bigger packs, Green Protein doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Available online on www.greenprotein.co.in and on Amazon, Flipkart, Health XP, and Otito, it is just a click away. You can also procure your fix at one of the 60 stores it retails in, including Benzer Foods, Neelam Foodland, Premsons, Rakhangi, and Wellness Forever.

Author Information : Amrita Chawla – Media Consultant based in Mumbai


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.

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