Symmetry Physical Therapy and Concussion Management of New York adopt SyncThink’s platform for injury rehabilitation and research.

​SyncThink, a world leader in neurotechnology and brain health analytics and creators of the award-winning EYE-SYNC technology, announces today new partnerships in the physical therapy space with Symmetry Physical Therapy (PT) of Austin, TX and Concussion Management of New York, onboarding its platform to better serve patients. Symmetry PT and Concussion Management of New York join a growing group of clinical locations across the US that are utilizing the EYE-SYNC technology for use with patients from pediatric to geriatric settings.

Symmetry PT is an outpatient physical rehabilitation center based in Texas, comprised of clinicians providing specialty care in both orthopedics and manual therapy. The practice will be utilizing EYE-SYNC for concussion baseline screening, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation. Symmetry will also use the platform as a visual training product with elderly patients to minimize fall risk, as well as with teens and adults seeking to improve coordination and agility – either as a part of post-injury recovery or to enhance recreational activity performance.

“We’re very excited to have added the EYE-SYNC technology to our clinic. We are now able to identify eye movement issues that are related to a variety of mechanical head, neck, jaw and spine dysfunctions that we see regularly with our patients. We can utilize this information to add another level of care – providing activities that enable our patients to better synchronize their vision, balance systems, and postural muscles so that they can move more efficiently throughout their daily life,” states Symmetry Physical Therapy owner Julie Mankinen. “In addition to being a unique visual training tool, the EYE-SYNC technology gives us great feedback about how patients are responding to all of their prescribed therapy activities. We’re seeing significant change in visual response within individual treatment sessions at times, as well as over the course of more extended therapy.”

Concussion Management of New York, a concussion specialist clinic, is an institute for concussive rehabilitation that’s focused on diagnosing and managing concussions in the athletic, performing arts, and pediatric populations. Their advanced skills and state of the art technology will be enhanced by the utilization of the EYE-SYNC technology. Focuses will include using the platform for quantitative supporting data during concussion assessment, treatment and rehabilitation, and additionally through collaborative research through their partnership with Mount Sinai Hospital.

Alex Gometz, the Founder of Concussion Management of New York states, “We are very excited we have acquired EYE-SYNC. We are always looking for ways to improve accuracy in our diagnosis and tools to get our patients better in the shortest amount of time and we found EYE-SYNC is the best tool to help us do that. It is a practical, time-efficient and effective way to address a very common problem we find in a significant number of concussions.”

Symmetry PT and Concussion Management of New York add to the top tier level of clinical providers that use the EYE-SYNC platform in a variety of ways. Other partners of SyncThink include Massachusetts General Hospital, Children’s National, Stanford Children’s, Wentworth Douglass Hospital and more.

EYE-SYNC uses high speed, high-fidelity infrared cameras to capture the subtlest eye movements, many of which cannot be observed through a standard clinical evaluation. Depending on the type of eye movement, a clinician can utilize this objective analysis to decipher between brain systems involved that may be performing poorly or are impaired. The technology is a leader in the objective measurement of clinical subtypes commonly identified in conditions like concussion and was ​recently designated by the FDA as a Breakthrough Device for aid to concussion assessment, recognizing the potential to solve an important unmet need.

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