Back then the story of a couple was not just making a ball roll, modern researchers working with couples found some detreating symptoms lacking in interest over a good make out. What’s more steamy about it was the recondition of physical development of men and women. Stress, environment and food habits became a major coarse in a smooth couple life. Advancing with modern fitness trainers giving few tips might surely help if not your partner can also be of great help given you extend your hand too. Even experts states that the other person working out daily can motivate you too go on hit few reflexes to help grow a healthy overall relationship. But finding a person who shares your interests and timetable is tough. It’s probably not a girlfriend. So how about your significant other?

Unfortunately, many couples don’t spend quality interactive time together. They’re too busy doing their own thing and, when they spend time together, it’s often passive, such as watching a movie together. But exercising together is definitely interactive. So have you lost your motivation as well? Check out these 5 couple workout exercises to get the most out of your workout together!

Side Plank Pass

SIDE PLANK PASS ExercisePlanking is flexible and can give angle reliefs to every part of your body. Muscle aches or couple goals all can come into it. Lay both on your side with your face to the same direction. Bring your hips up and lean on your right forearm so that you perform a side plank. Both stretch your left arm and open up your palm. The one planking in the front holds a dumbell in their left hand. Both partners: set up in push-up position with feet and hands shoulder-width. Face each other, about two to three feet apart. Partner One, roll a medicine ball from your left hand to your partner’s right hand. Partner Two, roll it back. Repeat several times on that same side, then switch to your other hand.

Bodyweight Squats

Bodyweight Squats Exercise

Ouch! Squats are the worst workouts while planning the whole workout. Now, it can be exciting as you have your beloved to share the pain with you, Funny! Train your butt and legs together with the bodyweight squat. Stand facing each other with your arms straight up and your feet hip-width apart. Hold each other tight and simultaneously squat down. Hold for a few seconds and then return to the starting position. Repeat this 15 times or until you feel a good burn. After all, you do it every day of your life whenever you sit down or stand up. If you sit back too far, your torso will lean forward which forces your hips to do all of the work. If you sit straight down, your torso will stay completely upright which shifts the stress to your knees.

Side Plank & Hip Adduction

Hip Adduction
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Stretch is the key. The more you feel the stretch the better it goes rolling. This exercise can give you internal strength and rejuvenate you within. Doing Side Plank & Hip Adduction targets your obliques and the adductor muscles of your inner thighs. One just needs to shield your lower back and stiff and straighten your spine. Failing to keep your abs, hips, and lower back contracted and strong has the potential for injury.

Double Trouble


How wonderful it could be when intertwined working out. Tangling can be beautiful, an interactive way of doing exercises can just spark good conversations but better exercises. With this exercise, you both grab your abdominal muscles at the same time. Go sit right across from each other and clamp your legs together for more grip. Stretch both your arms forward while one is holding a dumbell into her hand. Simultaneously do a sit-up. Stretch all the way back and bring your arms next to your head to the floor. Slowly come upwards. Even though you’re not holding the dumbbell, you do a sit-up. One passes the dumbell to the other when she comes up. Both repeat this exercise 20 times. In total, you get to do 40 sit-ups, 20 with the dumbell and 20 without. Can you feel the muscles burning already?

Sprint Together

Sprint Together

What can be more fit and competitive in love than sprinting across in the lush green parks or nearby woods together? In this process waking up early determining a new destination and running across together can be better than any other factor of exercises. Experts say couples waking up together and sleeping together can make a better life span together than other couples. Hence put your running shoes on together and just sprint away from the dawn together. You will see a massive change in mindset and attributes of love flowing across the home and outside.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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