Obesity has become a highly common health issue among individuals all over the world. It is often a medical condition that is ignored by many individuals who may have also been affected by it. Individuals are considered to be obese, if they have a higher percentage of body fat. Those individuals who have a Body Mass Index or (BMI) as it is commonly known to most of us that is 30 or above are clear indicators that they have been affected with obesity. Such a medical condition leads to the body accumulating excessive fat than what is necessary. Therefore, they should be careful and must start taking some drastic steps in order to protect their health and well-being. Obesity is not limited to affecting adults, but can affect growing kids who must take a lot of care to stay fit and healthy.

Individuals are most likely to suffer from obesity due to many reasons. Some of them are as follows:-

• No physical activity or little physical activity:

The world has seen a lot of products and devices making their way into the market in the last few decades, which has led to people purchasing such luxury products and devices that have caused them to lead a sedentary lifestyle leaving them with hardly any physical activity to do or sometimes left with no physical activity. Since, there is a lack of sufficient physical movement, you will be burning fewer calories than normal. This can have an effect on the way your hormones work, since hormones affect the way in which your body deals with the food that you consume every day.

• Consumption of Excess Food:

When you consume higher quantities of food than what is required, it leads to weight gain in most individuals. Further, with individuals consuming food that consists of a lot of carbohydrates, especially sugar which is observed in sweetened drinks and few other types of food that contain a lot of sugar, it could lead to weight gain in such individuals. As the body is taking in more number of calories than what it burns, individuals are most likely to experience weight gain, thereby suffering from obesity.

• Loss of Sleep:

Due to higher work pressure faced by individuals as well as growing stress prevailing among individuals in the past few decades, the number of hours of sleep for most individuals has fallen from an average of 7 or 8 hours a day to about 4 or 5 hours every day. This has taken a toll on the health of most individuals, besides having a direct impact on their health and well-being. Most of the individuals are at a severe risk of becoming obese, if they have been affected by lack of sufficient sleep almost every day. As hormones would not function well in such individuals who are sleep-deprived, it becomes all the more important to get enough sleep every day to remain healthy.

Besides these reasons, there may be several other social and environmental factors that  could also contribute to obesity among individuals. To prevent this medical condition, you must start by bringing in a change in your dietary habits, apart from performing exercises regularly, so that you are helping reduce obesity naturally and not seeking any medical intervention to deal with such medical condition.

In order to deal with your problem of obesity without seeking any medical intervention, you can follow the methods that are mentioned below:-

• Consume foods that are rich in fiber:

Some of the high-fiber foods such as vegetables and fruits and even whole grains can help you to lose some weight. Since high-fiber food fills up your stomach faster, besides staying for a longer period in your stomach, this would be a great option for you to decrease your intake of food. In this way, your intake of calories is lesser, leading to loss of weight. Some of the individuals may face the problem of constipation, due to lesser physical activity and inadequate dietary fiber in their diet. Such problems can be avoided by individuals, if they follow a proper intake of fiber into their diet.

• Stop your intake of junk food:

Individuals must be careful so as to not include junk food as part of their diet, since these foods are high in saturated fat and contain a lot of calories. Individuals must exercise a lot of restraint when it comes to their intake of junk food. They may also slowly practice to cut down on drinking beverages that include coffee and tea which could help them reduce some weight, in addition to preventing them from being affected by problems such as acidity.

• Consume small quantities of food at regular intervals:

Individuals can start breaking down their meal routine from the regular 3 times a day to about 5-6 times in a day. They could start adding items that contain lesser calories such as fruits and even salad as a mini meal. Skipping meals can only lead to higher cravings in individuals, which can cause them to consume larger portion of meals. It is also highly important for you to avoid bakery items that include cakes, pastries and a few others in your diet in order to prevent yourself from becoming obese.

• Stay active at all times by doing some physical activity everyday:

You should get some exercises every day, as it not only provides you with energy, but also helps you to control your weight. You must have a proper exercise regimen and also try to do some exercises for at least 30-40 minutes a day. You could either do some free hand exercises or even do some cardio exercises as part of your daily exercise regimen. Some of the exercises such as cycling, yoga, swimming or even a brisk walk every day can help you deal with obesity effectively.

In addition to all these, you would have to develop a strong motivation and also have enough patience to overcome the problem of obesity, since doing all these requires a lot of time and concentrated efforts from your side, in addition to having the patience to wait for a specified time period, in order to lose the extra fat present in your body.

With a growing population continuing to be affected by obesity across the world, you should remember that this medical condition is still preventable, provided you take a few steps to address it by making small changes to your diet, including some lifestyle changes and also adding some physical activities to your daily routine, in order to lead a healthy life.

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The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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