Stress has always impacted the lives of individuals in a big way. We all have gone through these irrespective of our age. When we go through a lot of stress, there are high chances of developing many health related complications.

When individuals experience stress, it could make them move into depression and may also affect their ability to take proper decisions. It is one such mental condition that may begin to factor in at a time when we experience tensions and worries in our lives, sometimes leading us to think of what could be in store for the future.

While we may many a time miss to appreciate some people who according to us is not dealing or conducting himself in an effective manner, it may happen that they may be dealing with one or other stress, which could be either economic problems or health related problems. In many cases, stress does not afford people the privilege of dealing with situations in an effective manner.

There are times when we may become helpless which could be due to our schedule being tight that may lead to our body experiencing stress. The more we are under stress, it will begin to take a toll on our body. Chemicals are released from the body during such situations that causes us to lose focus on accuracy and concentrate only on safety.

The symptoms that one can notice in a person who is facing stressful situations are many. Some of them being as follows:

  1. Severe Headache:

There are times when we undertake a certain task which has to be completed by a certain date. There may not be much time left to perform such a given task within the said time period. This may build up pressure on individuals to finish the assigned tasks.

During such stressful times, a person would face a lot of difficulties in concentrating on their tasks, which can lead to severe headaches occurring in individuals. When the mind is put under a lot of pressure, a person tends to suffer from headache.

  1. Recurring Illness:  

There are people who may be suffering from a weak immune system. In such cases, if they are employed in jobs that involve undergoing a lot of pressure which gives them a lot of stress, it could affect their immunity levels at any point of time. Moreover, there are greater chances of individuals developing any infections.

  1. Low Energy Levels:

When people are faced with significant stress, it affects their energy levels too, since they are interlinked with each other. If an individual has been facing considerable stress, performing of their daily activities could also be affected adversely. If the stress continues for a longer period, the energy levels of individuals get drained, thereby causing exhaustion both physically and mentally. Also, the moods of individuals are adversely affected in the process. Individuals tend to become depressed and anxious and feel helpless during such situations. In such situations, stress can lead to harmful and damaging health effects on individuals, especially if they fail to obtain any form of support that is required during such periods.

  1. Depression:

There may be several reasons for an individual to get depressed. When a person has been facing one or the other problems, the individual’s ability to deal with and tolerate such problems would also be subject to certain limits. When the limits are crossed, the person could end up going into depression.  At the same time, when people are facing immense stress repeatedly, it could also push them into depression.

  1. Disputes or Quarrels:

Some individuals may basically by nature be prone to being affected by depression and when they enter into quarrels or disputes with their own loved ones or friends or family members, which may happen due to many reasons, it could lead them into depression. These factors can cause significant stress in such individuals and can have adverse effects on their mental health and well-being.

  1. Perspiration:

When some individuals may experience nervousness or when their heart continues to beat rapidly, which can be on account of various reasons, it is a sign that they are most likely nervous and may be undergoing severe stress. During such nervous or tense situations, the body normally responds with fast heartbeats as well as sweat which is a sign of individuals being affected by stress.

  1. Loss of Sleep:

When individuals experience stress, it may also affect their ability to fall asleep. This could eventually cause activities performed during the day to get affected badly. Sleep is integral to a person’s overall health and well-being. When individuals face trouble in falling asleep,  stress has been noticed to be one of the major causes that has been responsible for such loss of sleep in individuals.

  1. Persistent Pain:

Persistent pain normally occurs in individuals that spans over a period of more than 3 months. This pain can occur in some people who might continue to suffer from such pain despite taking medications or treatments. Those individuals who have health conditions such as diabetes, back pain, arthritis etc. are more likely to be affected by such persistent pain. In most cases, stress has been one of the important factors in the cases of individuals who have developed persistent pain.

These are few of the signs and symptoms that can be observed in individuals who have been undergoing immense stress. However, it is also important to understand that everyone’s reaction to stress or dealing with the same is not going to be the same. There are also other signs which could indicate that a person has been undergoing stress, apart from the above mentioned symptoms.

In some cases, one may not be able to identify people with stress, as they may not show any signs or symptoms of the same. However, it is a complex health condition that has to be dealt with in today’s world with utmost precaution and care. Severe stress could lead to occurrence of various life-threatening diseases such as diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases in individuals. As stress is associated with the mental health, people cannot afford to ignore it today, as such a condition can have adverse effects on the overall health of individuals.

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