An exciting event and marketing campaign for DICK’S Sporting Goods! The arrival of the DICK’S House of Sport blimp in Houston marks the beginning of a month-long promotional campaign. The blimp and its crew traveled from San Jose, CA, crossing Arizona, New Mexico, and finally reaching Texas.

Throughout July, the blimp will be flying above Houston and its surrounding areas, making appearances at DICK’S Sporting Goods store events, Houston Astros and Dynamo games, the Concacaf Gold Cup, as well as various concerts and festivals. It seems like a great opportunity for the sporting goods retailer to showcase their brand and engage with the local community.

The DICK’S House of Sport blimp is an American Blimp A170 Lightship, operated by Skyship Services. It has impressive dimensions, measuring 178 feet in length, 55 feet in height, and 46 feet in width. With 170,000 cubic feet of helium inside its envelope, it is one of only four blimps currently flying in the United States.

Skyship Services Inc. (SSI) is the largest full-service owner and operator of Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) technology platforms in the world. They specialize in various LTA technologies, including airships, aerostats, mooring systems, and airborne radar systems, which can be leased or purchased. SSI has extensive experience in the LTA industry and owns the Skyship and Sentinel Series airships, along with complete Aerostat systems ranging from 56,000 to 660,000 cubic feet. In April 2023, SSI acquired all airship assets and intellectual property from Airsign Airship Group and its affiliates, further expanding their product portfolio and allowing them to offer Lightships globally. These LTA platforms have diverse applications, such as advertising, broadcasting, surveillance, border patrol, security, and telecommunications.

Overall, the DICK’S House of Sport blimp’s arrival in Houston marks an exciting chapter in the sporting goods retailer’s promotional efforts, and it showcases the capabilities of Skyship Services in the LTA industry.


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