PROSOMNIA Sleep® Health & Wellness has recently opened a clinic in Aventura, FL, introducing innovative solutions for various sleep disorders, including chronic insomnia, sleep deprivation, and REM Sleep Disorders. Their unique approach involves a combination of clinical IV sleep therapy and IV hydration services, aiming to address the diverse causes of sleep disorders.

The company acknowledges the global prevalence of insomnia, with over 10% of the world’s population experiencing it as a medical condition. In Florida, a significant 27.3% of adults under 65 suffer from chronic insomnia, with a notable majority being women, as reported by the University of Florida.

PROSOMNIA Sleep® Health and Wellness advocates for a holistic approach to tackle disorders associated with REM sleep. They envision creating an environment conducive to revitalized sleep health for individuals navigating through sleep challenges. At the core of their initiative is the patented PROSOMNIA Sleep® Clinical IV Sleep Therapy, the first IV-based therapy approved outside of a hospital setting for treating chronic insomnia and REM sleep disorders. This one-hour session involves the administration of FDA-approved medication to provide individuals with a boost of REM sleep.

“Sleep is an integral part of our health and wellness, and was most recently recognized by the FDA as a fundamental human need,” Nyree Penn, Founder and CEO of PROSOMNIA Sleep® Health and Wellness, stated. “Our patented PROSOMNIA Sleep® Clinical IV Sleep Therapy is a safe, precise and effective method that goes beyond symptom relief to treat sleep deprivation. We recognized the importance of quality sleep for overall well-being, and thus set out to provide safe, convenient, and innovative solutions for individuals dealing with chronic insomnia and disorders associated with REM sleep.”

The company distinguishes itself by committing to transform the sleep therapy landscape through cutting-edge approaches. They recognize the uniqueness of every individual’s sleep needs and offer personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient. By blending the best practices of modern medicine, technology, and holistic approaches, PROSOMNIA Sleep Health & Wellness aims to provide comprehensive care that extends beyond mere symptom relief. Their grand opening in Aventura, FL, signals a localized commitment to addressing the sleep health needs of the community. The success of their approach hinges on the efficacy of their therapies, the quality of personalized treatment plans, and ongoing efforts to refine and improve their services based on research and patient feedback.


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