The partnership between Ochsner Digital Medicine and AlohaCare is a significant step towards providing innovative and effective healthcare solutions for members in Hawaii. AlohaCare’s mission to promote wellness and provide access to quality care aligns well with Ochsner’s expertise in digital medicine and remote patient management.

Starting from September 1, 2023, AlohaCare members will have access to digital medicine services offered by Ochsner. This partnership aims to assist individuals diagnosed with Hypertension and Type 2 diabetes in managing and controlling their conditions. Ochsner’s remote programs utilize digital devices and personalized plans, combined with medication management, lifestyle adjustments, progress tracking, and motivational support. This comprehensive approach is designed to empower AlohaCare members to lead healthier lives.

Ochsner Health has a reputation for being at the forefront of remote patient management and digital medicine. Their programs have demonstrated success in helping patients with chronic conditions, such as hypertension and Type 2 diabetes, achieve better health outcomes while reducing healthcare costs. Notably, around 80% of participants enrolled in Ochsner’s Digital Medicine programs have achieved control of their conditions within six months.

“Diabetes is an epidemic in the United States and the same is true in Hawaii. Given the prevalence of hypertension and Type 2 diabetes across our island community, we are committed to giving AlohaCare members additional resources to monitor and manage their health,” stated Francoise Culley-Trotman, chief executive officer at AlohaCare. “We look forward to collaborating with Ochsner to improve the quality of life and health in our communities.”

The inclusion of licensed clinicians and professional health coaches in the program serves as a valuable resource for AlohaCare members, complementing their primary care providers and ensuring a well-rounded approach to healthcare management.

This partnership is likely to have a positive impact on AlohaCare’s members, providing them with convenient and effective tools to actively participate in their health management and improve their overall well-being. It also showcases the potential for technology and innovative healthcare approaches to address the needs of diverse communities, such as those in Hawaii.

“The Ochsner Digital Medicine program successfully manages chronic conditions through our unique care team approach with a health coach and licensed clinicians assigned to each member,” stated Denise Basow, executive vice president and chief digital officer at Ochsner Health. “We are excited to bring this expertise and high-quality care to thousands of AlohaCare members through our digital platforms. We believe remote patient management is vital to effective management for members with these conditions, and this partnership reflects our ability to improve access and support members nationally.”


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