Nike is trying to launch its own cryptocurrency


Speculations are brewing that Nike is trying to bring its own cyptocurrency called cryptokick. The American sports giant is usually known for their aggressive digital approach in the industry.

The company submitted a trademark and service application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The application can be seen on their website filed on 19th of April. The application mainly focuses on a trademark application for cryptokicks. It covers a wide-range of cryptocurrency-related activities.

Josh Gerben, the Trademark attorney of Garben Law Firm first gave away the possibility of Nike trying to establish its own Nike coin. He revealed the trademark application on Twitter and posted his own analysis with it. He later gave a statement to Coingape saying, “It seems like Nike is planning to build out a software platform (such as an app). My guess is it starts s some sort of reward program where the coins can be used for the purchase of Nike products.”

Nike is considered as a pioneer when it comes to embracing cutting-edge technology. They are pushing their mobile application as an online touchpoint for sales. Earlier this year, they brought their self-lacing HyperAdapt trainers model which is also rechargeable.

Besides launching its cryptocurrency, the corporation also is trying to create cryptocurrency software, hardware wallets and mobile apps for providing access to crypto-collectible, crypto-art and application tokens.

Jayita Sardar

Aspiring journalist working for and exploring the juncture of sports, business and technology. Interested in sports economy and logistics of sports policy-making.


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