NFL (National Football League) is engaging with Artificial Intelligence to decide how much it should pay the players. A news by Wall Street Journal reports more on the development.

A company called Pro Football Focus- which is run by ‘Sunday Night Football” analyst and former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Cris Collinsworth-has been working with all 32 NFL Teams and 60-plus college football teams to analyze data on football players’ performance for the teams, which is useful for both and recruiting.

Now, PFF is a working on a salary analysis system that will dictate how much a player will get paid. Based on his historic stat- the company is able to project what a player’s value is. Factors like dropped passes that were considered catchable, or completed passes that has a high level of difficulty will be counted. How the future performance would look for each individual player will also be determined based on these factors. Then, PFF will develop a corresponding financial measure that uses AI and machine learning to assign a dollar sign to that players’ potential.

PFF is finding that running backs are both overrated and overpaid, the journal reports. Though the role has visibility and star power, PFF has found that it is less valuable considering that the success of a running back relies on the strength of the team overall as opposed to the player individually. If the NFL were to widely adopt PFF’s AI for salary recommendation, that could mean pay cuts for running backs.

Source: Business Insider


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