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Nexen Tire extends sponsorship with Eintracht Frankfurt

Nexen Tire, a global tire manufacturer, announced today that it has extended its sponsorship deal with the German football club Eintracht Frankfurt for the next three...


NFL and Sportradar Broaden Partnership

The National Football League (NFL) and Sportradar, the world’s leading provider of sports data and content, today announced an expansion of their existing partnership,...

Premier League 2019-20 season

Premier League 2019-20 season commences with new tech-loaded football

Tonight, the 2019-2o season of Premier league will kick off. A tech-loaded ball designed by Nike is a new addition to this year’s premier league. Nike Merlin has been...


The Seeker: How Tech is Revolutionizing Football Practice

If you’ve ever used a Fitbit, Apple watch, or step counter, you’ve harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to track athletic performance and health. But...

NFL and AI

NFL is starting to heavily use AI to pay players

NFL (National Football League) is engaging with Artificial Intelligence to decide how much it should pay the players. A news by Wall Street Journal reports more on the...

Vodafone 5G

Vodafone will provide 5G connections at German Football league matches

Vodafone will roll out 5G connections at German Football League matches according to a new agreement sign between the two. The multi-year partnership will start in...

S.L Benfica

S.L Benfica is the first major European club to accept cryptocurrency

S.L Benfica, Portugal’s most popular club is now accepting cryptocurrency. This was made possible after their partnership with UTRUST, an online payment platform. S.L...


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