Megan Rapinoe is leading the race to become the sportsperson of the year

Megan Rapinoe

After word cup victory of US Women’s national team, anticipates are escalating that Megan Rapinoe will be the Sportsperson of the year. An award presented by variety of media outlets, the most visible being the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award given by Sports Illustrated.

It is a rare sports honor insofar as it is deigned to reward impact beyond mere athletic feats. The Golden State Warrior, back-to-back NBA champs willing to exercise social conscience, earned the distinction in 2018.

Megan Rapinoe has been dominating soccer field for a significant amount of time. The co-captain and team leader has been vocal about expressing her political dissent. She stood up to the Trump administration and criticized its controversial policies. Megan Rapinoe said, “We have to do better. We have to love more, hate less. We have got to listen more and talk less. We have got to know that this is everybody’s responsibility. Every single person here. Every single person who is not here. Every single person who doesn’t want to be here. Every single person who agrees and doesn’t agree. It is our responsibility to make world a better place.”

After winning the world cup by defeating Netherlands by 2-0, the plea for equal pay for women footballers has become louder. The triumphant USA team has turned down invitation to visit White House. Megan Rapinoe called the Trump administration divisive and slammed them. She said in an interview with CNN’c Anderson Cooper, “Your message is excluding people. You are excluding people who look like me, you are excluding people of color, you are excluding Americans that may be support you.”

Jayita Sardar

Aspiring journalist working for and exploring the juncture of sports, business and technology. Interested in sports economy and logistics of sports policy-making.


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