Kendamil, a family-run infant nutrition company and the fastest growing formula brand in the United States, has introduced its ‘naturally gentle’ Goat Milk Infant and Toddler Formula range to the U.S. market. This formula is available at Target stores nationwide and online at Addressing the lack of natural alternatives to traditional tolerance formulas in the U.S., which often contain ingredients like hydrolyzed proteins, corn syrup, and palm oil, Kendamil Goat utilizes the unique properties of goat milk to provide parents with a new, naturally gentle option for their babies.

Kendamil aims to disrupt the over-medicalized U.S. formula market by offering a novel, nutritionally complete alternative that caters to infants from birth up to three years of age. A study by the University of Rochester School of Medicine found that a significant portion of formula sold in the U.S. includes hydrolyzed proteins or is hypoallergenic, even though lactose intolerance and cows’ milk allergies are relatively rare among infants. Kendamil’s Goat formula aims to provide a more natural solution for common infant feeding issues such as gas, fussiness, reflux, and constipation.

Goat milk’s unique A2 beta-casein proteins contribute to softer and looser casein curds in the stomach, making digestion and nutrient absorption easier. Additionally, goat milk contains higher levels of selenium and oligosaccharides, which are similar to prebiotics found in breast milk, as well as other essential nutrients.

The formula is crafted by combining the natural advantages of goat milk with Kendamil’s 60 years of expertise in infant formula development. Kendamil Goat includes whole goat milk from European family farms, a unique blend of HMOs for infant immunity support, and goat whey to match the protein ratios in breast milk. Notably, the formula excludes harmful ingredients such as palm oil, soy oil, fish oil, corn syrup, sucrose, and maltodextrin.

Kendamil Goat has been recognized with the prestigious ‘Grand-Gold’ award by Monde Selection, a recognition for food quality. It is estimated to save families over $250 per year compared to leading U.S. tolerance formulas.

Kendamil’s Goat Milk Formula offers a range of benefits for parents, including being natural, gentle on digestion, providing immune support, containing antioxidants, and having a cleaner recipe without unwanted additives. The formula is enriched with DHA, ARA, MFGM, HMOs, and prebiotics, bringing it closer to breast milk. The brand’s parent-first philosophy, combined with 60 years of manufacturing heritage, has contributed to its popularity as a choice for families around the world.

The Kendamil Global Center of Excellence, located in the English Lake District, is dedicated to developing natural, nutritious, sustainable, and scientifically advanced formulations. The brand’s award-winning recipes aim to closely resemble breast milk and provide gentle nourishment, while their formulas are designed to be inclusive and accessible to various dietary preferences.

For more information about Kendamil and its products, including where to purchase them, you can visit their website at and follow them on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok under the handle @kendamil.usa.


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