The Great American Campoutâ„¢ is an initiative organized by the National Wildlife Federation and Johnson Outdoors to encourage people to spend time outdoors, connect with nature, and take the Clean Earth Challenge. The main objective of the campaign is to inspire individuals to be responsible campers and to leave campsites and outdoor spaces better than they found them.

Participants are encouraged to pledge to “Go Green and Keep it Clean” by picking up litter at campsites, on trails, and in surrounding areas. They can also involve their family and friends in the challenge or organize a group to make a positive impact not only at the campsite but also in broader environmental conservation efforts.

By partnering with Johnson Outdoors, the National Wildlife Federation aims to foster a deeper connection with nature and promote a sense of stewardship and respect for the environment. This collaboration ensures that future generations can enjoy the same beautiful natural spaces that we do today.

The Clean Earth Challenge, which is part of the Great American Campout, has already motivated millions of individuals, including families, students, teachers, and environmentalists, to venture outdoors and clean up natural spaces. To date, participants have collected over 1.4 million pieces of trash and debris. The movement aims to reach the next milestone of an additional 2 million pieces of trash collected.

The Great American Campout celebration can take place during any season and in almost any location. Likewise, anyone can contribute to these large-scale movements by actively participating in efforts to make outdoor spaces healthier and preserve nature for future generations.


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