InstaFitness has served & helped people looking for fitness at their doorstep & avail their services. Our aim is everyone can earn fitness without any delay or hassle. A step which has made a mile today and also made others walk in this scintillating fitness journey. InstaFitness in an exclusive candid chat with Niloy from SportzBusiness gets along their vision, prospects and their unheard chronicles which cemented the firm today as one of the best in the country. Edited Nub Below.

Q Anecdote behind the idea and propellers of InstaFitness? What made you dive into this emerging space of Fitness Technology?

Saurabh, Founder | InstaFitness – After earning an engineering degree in the field of Electronics & Communication, I played various roles in different firms for quite a time. After which, I realized the passion for Fitness, I enrolled for American Council of Exercises (ACE) certification & successfully accomplished it.

After completing ACE, I worked as a Personal Fitness Trainer at Gold’s Gym, Pusa Road. While I was working there, I came across an offer of delivering coaching at a person’s doorstep. Though earlier I was hesitant about it in order to gain experience in-home training, I grabbed the opportunity.

Gradually I started enjoying delivering home services, it was then I realized the potential of this market & a need to organize this sector. Personal Fitness & Yoga training market was new in India & was yet to be explored. So I tried to understand this market better, researched on it & then with a small team of 3 & money around 20k in my pocket, I founded InstaFitness.

Eventually, I understood the problems which fitness enthusiasts & fitness trainers faced in connecting with each other, & secondly, there was still need for a platform where fitness trainers can gain the required respect & business. I worked on these areas & came up with a business model & a Mobile App which solves the above-mentioned problems. When this Personal Training at home segment was flourishing in InstaFitness, I decided to marry the love of my life, Rekha (co-founder InstaFitness), a post-graduate in Food sciences & technology, & a diploma holder in dietetics & nutrition.

Rekha has served as a lecturer & assistant professor at IGMPI, BFIT & GBU. Rekha Started the InstaFitness E-diet Clinic, that provides diet consultancy services to clients all across India. InstaFitness currently has a regular staff of 40+ & more than 500 fitness consultants working with them. InstaFitness provides Personal Fitness at home service currently in the following cities: Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Bengaluru & recently launched in Pune. Diet Services are available all across India. We have reached more than 50 k customers in the past 3 years.

Q How has InstaFitness empowered fitness at core and know-how sharing and disruptions the firms has incurred all along the way?

InstaFitness has served & helped people looking for fitness at their doorstep & avail our services. Our aim is everyone can earn fitness without any delay or hassle. People, who genuinely want to transform their lives & work towards fitness, sometimes have to deal with time issues, like traveling issues, issues like parking near fitness centres & additional cost of hiring a personal trainer at a gym & encountering similar problems. InstaFitness is for them! We ask our team to make you workout at a place of your choice & comfort. Our trainers are well qualified, experienced & verified. Similarly, our team of dietitians has helped those who want to achieve their fitness goals by managing their diet. We counsel & monitor their progress using our App. So far, we have helped our clients lose 25000+ kgs weight, we have transformed their bodies & lives through our services. The journey so far has been very exciting, it’s our greatest achievement that we have maintained a pretty good renewal rate as per Industry standards. Every single positive feedback is our achievement. InstaFitness has tried to make people aware about fitness & its importance just like “Fit India Movement” by our Government. We aim to deliver fitness at people’s convenience & creating employment for fitness professionals at their convenience & creating an environment with ease of doing business.

Q InstaFitness role in abridging the gap between trainers and industry leveraging a tailored solution to the demand? Herewith, key solutions, services and area of focus of the company?

To bridge the gap between trainers & clients, InstaFitness has observed & researched on the requirements of both; the clients & trainers and have worked to fulfill requirements for both sectors.

For Clients- We have created a platform where one can:

  • Book a trainer at home/Book online counseling with Dietitian
  • Perform assessment test with the trainer as instructed in the App
  • Record the assessment score
  • Record the session timings & countings via App
  • Can get a workout regime over the App along with workout demonstration
  • Can connect with InstaFitness team for feedbacks & support

For Trainers- We have created a platform where one can

Trainers can get business

  • They can manage workout & diet of their clients via App
  • Can manage client’s workout without the hassle
  • Can connect with the InstaFitness team for feedbacks & support We also cover personal fitness/yoga training at home & diet consultancy services.

Q “While going through your website we found that InstaFitness leverages best opportunities to meet the rising aspirations of trainers and improve training”, kindly elaborate about this statement. Also, tell us about the flagship offering of InstaFitness?

InstaFitness aims to formalize the fitness industry & work for the empowerment of trainers & dietitians. Few people still doesn’t respect this profession & InstaFitness is continuously working on this issue. Firstly & most importantly InstaFitness provides employment & business opportunities to the trainers & dietitians. Secondly, we aim to provide technology as a support to the trainers, so they can stay managed & formalised. Thirdly, even being a bootstrapped startup we have never failed to pay the salaries to the trainers on time, as we understand the importance of money, especially when you are working as a consultant. InstaFitness has envisioned regarding the skill enhancement & learning of trainers, we will launch an E-learning platform for trainers & dietitians & will soon arrange workshops too.

Q Kindly tell us more about personal training & online dietician aspect? How beneficial is it for the fitness community as well as others concerned?

Personal Fitness/Yoga Training at home & E-diet consultancy are the two services which we are providing to our customers. Our customers are happy with our services. We as service provider always emphasize on involvement of human brain for the fitness guidance & exploit technology for providing support. Ours is not an “Artificially intelligent” thing as it somehow lacks empathy & understanding of emotions, which is really important for achieving a fitness goal. Our team of well experienced & certified trainers/dietitians put their 100% efforts to serve the customer in a very convenient way.

Q Online fitness market is getting competitive as more companies are eyeing into this sector. Hence what is the USP of InstaFitness and reasons clients opt your firm over others?

InstaFitness has already made its place in the market, by reaching out to more than 50 k customers & receiving more interests by each passing day. Being Bootstrapped & receiving appreciations by customers & other people from the industry in terms of awards is itself shows the place which we have made in the industry & in the lives of our users. InstaFitness has been awarded with;

a.  FEA( Fitness Excellence Award) Award 2017 “Superfluous as one stop fitness solution provider” category

b.  FEA Award 2019 “Best Online Training App”

c.  Founder Saurabh Tyagi has been awarded “Best Lifestyle Modification Coach in Delhi” in the year 2017.

Competition exists in each sector & industry, so it does in our industry but each one of us has a different business method, so it is always good to learn from others & focus on our own work

Q Can you give us a case study to understand the importance of your services?

We have ‘n’ number of transformation stories available on our social media page.

Q The road to success for a startup is under construction. How true does this statement hold for you? What strategies have you come up with to reach the target?

Yes, the road to success is under construction. This statement is true as we have always believed in learning & evolving. It’s a continuous process & at this stage we cannot define success for ourselves. We are working day & night, just to prove that the idea which we are working for is worth the hardwork & dedication which our team is giving for it.

Our target is to reach us our customers, provide them the best of service & make them fit & happy & for achieving this, we keep on working on our strategies.

Our App is a part of this strategy, we keep revising & improvising on our business methods & processes.There are 3 more vertices which we are working on & is under pipeline.

We have launched an innovative science based DNA diet plan, that will help the clients to decode their genetic makeup & work in a precise way to live healthier.

Q How has been the growth in terms of revenue, clients, manpower & geographical expansion? Are there mentors or investors behind the success story of InstaFitness?

Geographical Expansion – For Diet segment, we are available Pan India & has served clients from every corner of the country. We have few clients from abroad too, though we have not started marketing out of India but these are generally referrals. We are lucky that way.

For Personal Fitness/Yoga at home services – We are operational in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad,Ghaziabad, Bengaluru & recently launched in Pune.

Manpower Growth – From starting with 4 employees to presently 40 employees, the growth percentage is 900% from 2017 to 2019.

Client Growth – An average of 40% client growth in observed MOM(Month on Month).

Revenue Growth – A revenue growth of 100% in 1st Fiscal Year, 150% growth in 2nd Fiscal Year & an expected growth of 300% during the 3rd fiscal year.

InstaFitness has no investors on board till now, it’s a bootstrapped project. There are mentors who have helped us on & off, we believe in learning from each & every person we come across.

Q The online fitness market is one of the fastest-growing spaces in the globe. To carve a niche in this domain what will be your contribution in the years to come?

We aim to formalize this industry & create more business for trainers around us. We want to be known as complete fitness solution provider in this industry, who wants to leave an imprint in the lives of trainers & clients with whom will work. We would do our best to make people aware about the importance of fitness.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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