Herbalife Nutrition, a premier global nutrition company, today launched its Herbalife24® BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) powder. This latest product in the Herbalife24® line contains branched-chained amino acids (3 grams of Leucine to Valine and Isoline), working together to help build and retain lean muscle*, spark muscle growth* and support quicker recovery* after exercise.

“BCAAs are the perfect supplement to provide athletes of all levels with a convenient way to get the essential amino acids they need to build and maintain lean muscle mass to help them reach athletic or competitive goals,” said Dr. Kristy Appelhans, senior director of Global Consumer Safety at Herbalife Nutrition and professional competitive bodybuilder.

BCAAs are not naturally created by the body, therefore these “essential” amino acids need to be obtained through diet. During workouts – primarily strength training – lactic acid builds up in the body’s muscles, causing soreness, which can make it difficult for some people to continue pushing forward. The body responds by taking amino acids from the blood stream to strengthen the muscles. Unlike other nutrients, which are metabolized by the liver, BCAAs are primarily metabolized by the muscle, and are an important source to curb muscle breakdown induced by exercise.*

Herbalife24® BCAAs delivers five grams of branched-chain amino acids including three grams of leucine – which is more than the 2.5 grams required to stimulate protein synthesis. The product has no caffeine, is gluten free, made with non-GMO ingredients, and does not contain artificial flavors or sweeteners, providing athletes who want to get the most out of their workouts with a clean blend of only what the body needs for optimized performance.

Each 7.2-ounce container of Herbalife24® BCAAs has 30 servings and a suggested retail price of $60.00. The product is easy to prepare in seconds by simply mixing one scoop (about 7 grams) in 14 fluid ounces of water to be consumed one to two times daily before or during a workout.

Like all Herbalife24® products, BCAAs is NSF Certified for Sport®** and free from athletic banned substances; all claims made on the label have been independently verified. The Herbalife24® BCAAs and all Herbalife24® products are available exclusively through Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors.

Source: Business Wire


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