Most parents who will be sending their kids to school in the coming year are not in any position to understand how their kids would be continuing to learn in schools, with schools still searching for ways to find a feasible solution, especially during the time of the COVID 19 pandemic. Both schools as well as college-going kids need healthy snacks, including lunches to keep them going all through the day.

Parents are expected to be more alert when it comes to what food they send for their kids at lunches, including the ones that are being stocked up at the pantries. One major food that has come up during this period is the Crispy Fruit Freeze-dried fruit snacks which are easy to carry for the kids in their backpacks. This snack is also a suitable option for those who want to grab a munch during the time of online lectures. This snack does not contain sugar and is expected to help kids stay with enough energy for the day, irrespective of their place of learning.

There have been a lot of concerns among parents over the amount of sugar consumed by their kids. Moreover, with rising number of children becoming obese and even affected by Type 2 Diabetes, which has been reported by CDC, it has raised the risks for those kids to be affected by COVID-19. The new Dietary guidelines are expected to be out by the end of the year. Moreover, the guidelines have also been updated on the recommended intake of added sugar.

“Power Your Lunchbox” a campaign aimed at ensuring healthy eating for school going kids has till date been able to donate at least 1.3 million meals for those families in need through Feeding America. In the current year, they have gone on to add United Fresh Start Foundation for supporting children’s accessibility to fresh fruits and vegetables.

In the current year, fans will have the opportunity to win a Crispy Green backpack that comes filled along with Crispy Fruit snacks apart from other cool school goodies. The contest would be held till the end of September.

Crispy Green uses food as a good measure, by which healthy, clean and high-quality portable snacks can be made available for those people who maintain an active lifestyle and are also interested in seeking brands that align with their values., one of its websites is engaged in providing useful information and tips on a healthy lifestyle, through its topics that include nutrition, fitness, family etc. In addition to that, it also provides solutions for minimizing food waste, including help fight hunger.


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