Built Brands, one of the leading manufacturers of protein and energy products has started working towards re-building its brand. It moves on into its new headquarters being a creative space, including working on improving its manufacturing capabilities and many others such as development of a fresh set of product offerings, including prepping unreleased flavours and at the same time is going back to its roots by trying a proprietary formulation in order to offer the tastiest protein bar in the market. Built Brands is just two years old and has been able to create a magnificent business platform for its biggest moment till date.

With a major rebranding happening around the corner, Built Brands is expected to have its own state-of-the-art production facility at American Fork, Utah. The 185000 square-foot facility will comprise of spectacular manufacturing capabilities. These shall be completed using Built Bar’s proprietary production equipment. Moreover, at the mezzanine level, a basketball court, an indoor soccer field and many more are expected to be present. The huge complex is expected to grow two times higher than what is present today, which would help partners, including supporters enjoy as well as create and share, thereby fostering the spirit of creativity as well as innovation.

The new manufacturing facility of Built Bar has been able to increase its production up to nine times higher, thereby helping achieve an output of 1.2 million bars daily, as the on-demand capacity for production has reached up to 2.8 million bars daily. Built Bar has developed its capabilities currently that can strike a balance between the handcrafted production of the original bar on the one hand and better efficiency by way of precision of modern automation. Protein bars developed by Built Brands may also go through a major upgrade, with protein observing an increase from 15 to 17 grams, which starts at only 130 calories per piece and having just four grams of sugar, thus maintaining a steady macro count. New flavors and returning staples are expected to become part of the portfolio of Built Bar. Built Bar holds a diverse portfolio comprising of Apple Almond Crisp, Caramel Brownie, including other flavours for each palate.

The drink supplement, Built Boost is now available in six different flavours. These drinks contain 100% of the 12 daily vitamins, in addition to several natural ingredients that provide support to the immune system as well as improve overall health and energy.

Built Brands has many other product offerings in the wellness sector. One of its products, BuiltGO has been launched. It is a major protein and energy supplement that is extracted from various natural resources such as honey, B3, B6, B12, caffeine, including collagen protein. BuiltGO will have at least three different flavours that include Mint Chocolate, Coconut Chocolate and Peanut Butter Honey. BuiltGO is expected to be made available on its website ‘Built Bar’ as well as at specified retailer shops throughout the country.


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