In recent years, the Nutritional Supplement Market in India has grown tremendously. With the growing demand for supplements among the common public, the number of sellers has also increased. A large pool of brands, sellers, and products are prevailing in the market for the customers to choose from. However, a drawback is that 50-60 percent of the nutrition supplements sold in India are counterfeit, unregistered, or unauthorized. Health and wealth are two things that keep people strong physically as well as mentally. In the nutrition supplement industry, health is the main focus point and cannot be compromised. Despite that, there are many products or brands which are fake. In some cases, the fake supplements have side effects, which may lead to health issues as well. People are unable to differentiate between fake and authentic supplements and this has become a major issue for the supplement industry.

Stand Alone Online Portal:, There are several e-commerce platforms that sell nutritional supplements. These platforms have both – authentic and fake sellers. This makes it difficult for the genuine sellers to compete with fake brands on the same portals.To overcome this barrier, one such e-commerce seller Xpresshop, came up with its stand alone online portal: is an exclusive nutritional supplement online portal created to cater to all the supplement needs of people. The Filtration ProcessUnlike other supplement selling platforms, HealthXP is very cautious in selecting the products and brands for its website. The basic objective is to provide authentic and genuine products to the customer. HealthXP has curated a filtration process that is used before taking on any brand. This is done keeping in mind the health of the customers.

There are four parameters for every brand that is checked by HealthXP. These parameters are: The importer should be listed in the Brand’s official website. This gives a surety that the importer is an official importer for the particular brand GST Bills are compulsory. This shows that the importer/brand is a registered entityFSSAI Registration CertificateMRP Label on all products is required. This shows that the products are genuine and authentic part from this, the company also takes a certificate from the importer or distributor. This certificate mentions that HealthXP is an official seller for a particular product or brand.

For more details you may visit CheckHealthXP is not like any other e-commerce website. It stands apart from the other platforms as it is not a complete marketplace for brands. Almost 90 percent of the products are procured and sold by HealthXP. This ensures security for the customers as all the products undergo the filtration process. The filtration process has been instilled keeping in mind the increasing fake supplement brands in the market. Only 10 percent of the products are sold by different sellers. Regardless, these are the brands that sell directly without any middlemen. The involvement of middlemen in this whole process can be said as minimal or nill. Elimination of middlemen protects the authenticity of the products and the security of the customers. The website is very informative and self-explanatory. The motive is customer satisfaction and security. In the end, the supplement industry is all about the customers and their health.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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