TruLife Distribution, a growing and active player in the health and wellness industry has been helping advance Gen-X Muscle’s growth in the recent past. With a host of sports-based nutrition products under its belt that is backed up by sufficient research, Gen-X aims at improving the potential for building muscles as well as their athletic performance among various professional athletes, including those individuals who desire to stay fit and healthy. George Dorsey, the founder and CEO of the company stated that the company had been actively seeking to expand their brand across various online platforms as well as major brick-and-mortar outlets throughout the country. He expressed happiness over the assistance offered by TrulLife to streamline the process for the company. He further appreciated Brian along with his team for their commitment in helping Gen-X muscle to grow in the market.

Gen-X Muscle has consistently been applying consciousness in all the aspects of their business model. Moreover, Gen-X Muscle’s supplement line is even more prominent as far as sports nutrition is concerned. It has also worked towards designing of powerful formulas for pre and post-workout supplementation. Additionally, many unique natural product offerings such as Extra Strength Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar Pills, including Turmeric Curcumin with Ginger and Bioperine are offered. Further, by using Whey Isolate Formula along with Vitamin D, Gen-X has been able to drive innovation in popular sports nutrition supplements.

George Dorsey expressed concerns over the inability of the industry for a long period of time to create products that would address the health requirements of African American consumers. He further added that Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent in large numbers among the African American community residing in the southern region of the United States of America and has now demanded that his concerns over the same be addressed in his product design and development.

Gen-X Muscle has been committed to contributing towards charitable causes and has been using their platform to give back to the society. This includes hosting events for children’s charity and a few others.

According to Dorsey, the partnership with TruLife has helped Gen-X Muscle to build a strong presence in e-commerce. Brian Gould, CEO of TruLife who has placed several brands with many leading retailers in the United States of America also possesses over two decades of experience in health and wellness distribution industry and his proven track record of ensuring success for his clients has helped the products of Gen-X gain considerable attention in the market.

Dorsey further mentioned that there were at least three reasons that brought both TruLife and Gen-X Muscle together. Firstly, it was the knowledge of Gen-X’s brand as well as the industry, followed by a thorough understanding of Gen-X’s products and how Gen-X Muscle’s aspects will fit into such a huge collection of various sports nutrition companies and products.

Brian Gould stated that Gen-X was a great company and that they have made his job simple. He further stated that it was a pleasure to be associated with an established brand such as Gen-X. Moreover, the feedback from buyers at the Healthy Living, Vitamin & Nutrition ECRM program that was held recently had also been encouraging. Additionally, he added that retailers have shown interest in their products and have been adding them up in their product line. He also expressed his happiness in being associated with Gen-X which he feels has been mutually beneficial, owing to well-researched and effective products being sold by them.

Brian Gould also mentioned that this brand offering has generated a terrific response from the customers and that they are only assisting in offering exposure to the bigger retail audience, as he was confident that the products would speak for themselves.

The products of Gen-X Muscle are now available on the company website, including Amazon, Walmart and other websites and the company has decided to continue with their expansion all throughout the year. 

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