Garmin has released an e-sports watch. This watch will – in part – trace the health of professional gamers and also make Twitch streamers broadcast their biometric stats to their followers live.

The new Instinct Smartwatch has all the general health bells and whistles that include a live stress feature that will monitor heart rate when gamers are in intense conditions. The digital watch can also be synced to your smartphones for notifications.

Garmin’s digital watch has a ‘Body Battery Energy Monitor’ that will track sleep and body metrics to determine your overall health. It also provides gamers a bit more information about whether they should need a bit of a rest or if pushing themselves late into the night.

According to Garmin, they assume players to utilize the watch both outside and outside their profession.

“With the Instinct Esports Edition, esports athletes can hit into that same technology to trace and analyze how their body reacts to strong competition. Players can also practice Instinct’s data to make improvements in their daily lives, whether it be adjusting sleep guides or activity levels, that can result in risen cognitive and physical achievement during play.” The digital watch will be out following in this year 2020.


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