Echelon Fitness, one of the brands that has been actively bringing about a shift in fitness category by bringing in innovation at prices that are affordable is undergoing an expansion of its leadership team, with the expansion of its product portfolio and diversified customer services.

The growth performance of this brand has been positive, particularly with its focus mainly on products that are of high-quality, in addition to being well-designed and affordable both for domestic and commercial use. On the one hand, the portfolio of fitness products has grown, starting from cycles to rowers, including touch-screen fitness mirrors, treadmills and many more, while on the other hand the core business that involves consumers, who should not be allowed to train alone at their homes, by providing access to top trainers, programs as well as conducting of both live and on-demand classes has grown steadily.

Lou Lentine, President of Echelon Fitness stated that the Company understands that fitness is more than just a few minutes out of a person’s day. He further mentioned that it is truly an emotional as well as a connective journey. Additionally, he stated that their business that has added product innovations has also increased the demands for their content that has been unique.

Some of the key people that have been hired by us possess deep expertize in the fitness and customer relation fields, with a good understanding for the creation of content that is of world-class, in addition to understanding the needs of both domestic and professional market place.

Dave Reiseman, Chief Marketing Officer will be leading the efforts of the company’s global brand strategy, including marketing. There is a strong focus that would be laid on full customer journey that includes, overseeing product marketing, in addition to others such as consumer insights, creative, media strategy, customer acquisition and finally partner marketing across several channels of the company such as DTC, B2B and retail channels, apart from driving the growth of the Company’s diverse membership base. Reiseman had recently served as the CMO of Gold’s Gym International, in which he had been involved in leading the global marketing efforts for the brand that had been serving nearly 3 million members spread over 30 countries and 6 continents.

Kevin Custer, Chief Content Officer will be responsible for leading the team as far as all the premium content of Echelon is concerned, which will include Connect, FitPass, Reflect and Row. Kevin holds a solid background in content as well as streaming fitness, since he has been the former Executive Director of Production at Peloton as well as a former Executive Director and General Manager of streaming-at-home business of Flywheel. Besides, he has also been the owner of a successful media and consulting company that was responsible for producing content for A-list artists, in addition to several leading consumer brands and leading television and media networks.

Tyler Roberts, Director of Member Marketing will be responsible for driving Echelon’s member engagement as well as lifecycle marketing efforts. This would involve establishing benchmarks, collecting member insights as well as implementing the tools, processes, programs and reporting that is required to improve the end-to-end member journey. Tyler currently holds over fifteen years of strategic and operational lifecycle marketing experience in subscriptions as well as membership-based business models.

Ryan Simat, Senior Vice President of Sales would be responsible for overseeing the sales teams comprising of mass retail, specialty fitness as well as commercial market segments. Ryan possesses demonstrative relationships across the industry. He possesses at least 20 years of experience in the industry, with nearly 16 years coming from Octane Fitness.

Mike McLaughlin, Senior Vice-President of Marketing, will be responsible for managing all DTC sales efforts. His main focus would be laid on website development and promotions, including online and offline advertising and key retailers. McLaughlin possesses about fifteen years of experience. He had earlier been part of Allstar Products Group as the DTC lead for household and fitness products.

Sarah Smith, Director of Social Media would be responsible for managing the division by creating the narrative across all the social channels of Echelon, in addition to nurturing of Echelon’s community, apart from customer engagement. She has been involved in building a best in class social media program with compelling content that is aimed at providing motivation and educating the existing members as well as the new audiences through every stage of the Company’s journey. Sarah is a seasoned professional in Social Media and Content Marketing possessing sufficient experience in the creation and development of social media, influencer and content marketing programs that would create higher brand awareness, besides yielding customer engagement as well as sales for leading B2B and B2C organizations in the industry.

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