Shruti Seth has been actively engaged in fitness over the past few months following her recovery from an injury. The actor recently offered a glimpse into her gym session, demonstrating a combination of exercises she was performing. To intensify your workout routine, you might consider incorporating animal jumps.

She stated, “Targets: Shoulders, arms and core,” said Seth as she mentioned that they help test strength and stamina as they are high-intensity exercises.

“Keep checking your form to avoid any injuries,” she added.

She also suggested that one should be careful with their wrists and engage the core throughout. “Do not lean into the lower back,” stated Seth, adding, “I had my trainer supervising me and constantly guiding me to maintain my form”.

She also thanked her trainer and stated, “Thank you @little. more. open for making me push myself and for making the session so much fun.”

Varun Rattan, co-founder, The Body Science Academy said that the high plank walk is an exercise that can effectively target your shoulders and core. “Start this exercise by getting in the top position of a pushup with your toes on the floor, body in a straight line, core muscles engaged, and hands positioned shoulder-width apart. Walk sideways using hands and feet for two meters and then return to the starting point the same way,” he stated.

Animal jumps are recognized as a valuable exercise for enhancing lower body strength and coordination. These jumps are a component of plyometric strength training and can be particularly advantageous for individuals seeking to diversify their workouts and challenge themselves.


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