Digital Park releases a mobile app ‘Drift’ on iOS which has been developed for mindfulness, focus and sleep. It is also expected to release an app on the Android version anytime soon.

This Drift app contains a number of videos and sounds as a part of its growing list of collections. As of today, the app can play five videos and sounds arising from nature, including water against rocks, birds, trees, rains as well as crackling fire. The viewer and listener are provided with an immersive Ultra HD experience with good quality sound. In this way, the viewer and listener are brought to a relaxed state that is necessary for sleep or attaining a calm state and to remain positive. The listener is provided with guidance to take deep breaths for the whole session with the help of an optional voice command.

There is no requirement for a user to sign–in and this app has been designed with minimal user interface, which offers a no-fuss experience for the user.

A one-time fee of USD 4.99 is chargeable for app users. Moreover, a part of the proceeds would be donated to Africa’s Health Matters, a Black Mental Health organization owned by the company.


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