One of the wellness brands, P.volve has recently announced that it has entered into a collaboration with Amazon for the purpose of creating content in order to be featured as a part of Amazon Halo. Amazon Halo is a service that has been recently introduced and is mainly dedicated to improving the health and wellness of its customers. This service is actually used with the help of a mobile app that is also accompanied by a wrist band. In this way, this service is able to bring together tools that are backed up by science, in order to help an individual understand the choices made on a daily basis such as how an individual moves, how an individual sleeps, including the way one communicates which are all connected. Hence, it is easier for individuals to build habits that are healthy for their lives. It has also been made available for access recently.

Through this collaboration, members of Amazon Halo are provided with the opportunity to access the digital fitness workout programs of P.volve that is being made available wherever an individual desires to go.

Rachel Katzman, Co-Founder and CEO of P.volve stated that their Company is excited to work with such a brand that is focusing heavily on providing assistance to people by creating a more connected as well as informed approach to their wellness.

Amazon Halo labs are primarily challenges that stay for around 1-4 weeks. They help their members to discover habits that are healthy and which also work for them. The members would gain access to five fitness programs from P.volve at the time of launch. These programs would be curated with different goals, schedules, including fitness levels in mind, which can help them to offer a variety of content for their members. The Amazon Halo app will help members to watch how every lab they try would impact their metrics, in order to let them decide if the habit is worthy enough to be continued or if they could look for something else that could fit them better.

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