Denver, CO – CorePower Yoga, the nation’s largest yoga studio brand, announces today the launch of their newest studio class offering: CorePower Strength X, a 45-minute high-intensity strength training workout consisting of metabolism-boosting cardio, targeted, muscle group-focused weight circuits, and energizing breathwork. This marks the debut of the only performance-based class that blends strength training with the mindfulness that is CorePower Yoga’s signature.

CorePower Yoga’s first new offering in 10 years, CorePower Strength X was created as a new method to train the body and mind through strength, cardio and HIIT-style elements while creating a tangible pathway for students to incorporate yoga into their movement practice. With the launch of this new class, CorePower Yoga is now a one-stop shop for yoga and fitness enthusiasts who want the full range of strength training, cardio, yoga, and restorative classes in one studio – infused with the mindfulness that serves as the throughline for all CorePower Yoga classes, which no other boutique fitness brands can claim.

“The launch of CorePower Strength X is a huge step forward for us in creating a class and environment where truly everyone can grow in their fitness and yoga journey,” says Niki Leondakis, CEO of CorePower Yoga. “This innovation allows us to bring the power of mind/body connection to more people who may not have normally considered CorePower. Now more than ever, we’re conscious of how our students need to take care of their mental health, and we’ve found a way to perfectly traverse the intersection of fitness and mindfulness. With the addition of this class, we now have a unique position in the marketplace that’s differentiated from anyone else.”

CorePower Strength X was developed by CorePower Yoga’s leadership and innovation team in tandem with Branden Collinsworth, Head of Human Performance & Innovation, an entrepreneur, certified yoga instructor with over 1,000 hours of training, and TEDx speaker with a Masters in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Collinsworth shares, “CorePower Strength X is designed for the CorePower Yoga ‘super-user’, fitness enthusiasts, and HIIT consumers who are keen on realizing the importance of the programs they interact with. CorePower Strength X celebrates the importance of strength and conditioning and offers a progression for the brand’s students and Yoga Sculpt fans. Exercise communities often suffer from a lack of versatility in their workouts, and when students continue to do the same few exercises, it causes stagnation. CorePower Strength X is an evolutionary opportunity for students and teachers to step outside their comfort zones and draw in new consumers alike.”

Each CorePower Strength X class includes a dynamic warm up, two muscle group-focused strength circuits, HIIT-style cardio, a core series, energizing breathwork and a cooldown that includes Savasana, a pose typically seen in a yoga class. Coaches will hone in on a key muscle group in each class – Upper Body, Lower Body, or Glutes + Core – while emphasizing the use of heavier weights to build strength and encouraging full range-of-motion (ROM) exercises. Mindfulness is incorporated by encouraging students to lean in and break through their boundaries alongside moments of inner reflection. This new format also pairs well with other CorePower classes, working hand in hand with the brand’s range of fitness-focused class offerings that include their innovative Yoga Sculpt class, Hot Power Fusion, vinyasa-style CorePower 1 and 2, and Core Restore. CorePower Strength X integrates elements of yoga with performance-driven weight training, providing an approachable gateway to the transformative benefits of yoga and a new, fun way to level up the intensity of one’s fitness routine.

CorePower Strength X coaches are taught to create sequence journeys to make the workout feel different every time, and unique to them. However, the classes share the same programmatic formula to deliver maximum results in minimal time. Students at all levels are welcome to take a CorePower Strength X class – from the fitness aficionado to new students as CorePower Strength X coaches are trained to offer different levels of each exercise (beginner, intermediate and advanced) so all students feel successful and can build strength both physically and mentally, while maintaining safe alignment. By offering a dose of grounding mindfulness alongside muscle-building strength-training, CorePower Strength X differentiates itself from other high-intensity fitness workouts and supports the mind/body connection.

Founded in 2002 in Denver, CorePower Yoga was created with the mission of making yoga dynamic, challenging and, most importantly, accessible. Today, it is the nation’s largest yoga studio brand with more than 220 locations in 22 states, digital livestream and on-demand classes, and thousands of passionate, accredited yoga teachers providing the opportunity for students to breathe, move and sweat together and discover the magic that happens when physical meets mindful. CorePower offers intensely physical workouts that are rooted in the mindfulness of yoga, blending these attributes for a thoroughly holistic and modern approach that is accessible to everyone.

CorePower Strength X launches today, January 9, 2023, in major markets including New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Twin Cities, Orange County and San Diego, with a phased rollout slated to be complete nationwide by the end of February. Learn more at and @corepoweryoga.

About CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga shares the transformative power of yoga with every mind, every body, everywhere through its physically intense workouts rooted in the mindfulness of yoga. CorePower Yoga is the nation’s largest yoga studio brand with more than 220 locations across the country, digital livestream and on-demand classes, and thousands of passionate, accredited yoga teachers providing the opportunity for people to breathe, move and sweat together – and discover the magic that happens when physical meets mindful.


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