In Japan, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences announced the launch of POWERFresh® Special and POWERSoft® Cake 8010. This series of DuPont™ Danisco® enzymes offer improver houses and industrial bakeries, an excellent anti-staling solution that gives a unique texture, premium softness, and a longer-lasting freshness to cakes, bread, sweet rolls, and buns whilst keeping their shape.

The POWERFresh and POWERSoft enzymes were specially formed to assist make cakes and sweetbreads with ultimate softness and moistness that produces the “melt in your mouth” sensation customers desire. The enzymes help give sweet rolls, buns, and cakes a long shelf life and higher resiliency, while giving bakeries a solution that can be used in a broad variety of recipes with its superior sugar tolerance, without changing the overall production method.

“Consumer desire for baked goods with a delicious, sweet taste and long shelf life is expanding rapidly across Japan, and we see POWERFresh Special and POWERSoft Cake 8010 as a necessary to serving the baking industry meet that needs,” said Tsukahara Kazuyuki, application specialist, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences. “No other solution on the market gives related anti-staling capabilities to satisfy the demand for soft, moist, less crumbling cakes, and sweet rolls and buns while improving productivity, flexibility, and shelf life,” he added.


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