BioLift, a drink with fruity taste that is refreshing is now available in the US market. Being a patented product, this drink has been made to help those individuals overcome their afternoon slump that is also referred to as Post Lunch Dip. This drink is prepared, with the objective of overcoming the body slump faced during the afternoon by the working employees. Such body slump in employees has led to lower productivity levels of employees at work. These hours are considered to be highly dangerous, especially for work as well as road accidents.

Several people have been finding it difficult to come out of this daily slump. The circadium rhythm of our body can overcome the tiring midday slump also referred to as Post Lunch Dip, since it is light and refreshing.

BioLift went through 3 clinical trials in order to enhance productivity, decrease brain fog, including maintaining clarity for higher performance. Eli Faraggi, InnoBev’s Founder stated that there has been no increase in pulse rate or blood pressure, as compared to its competitors.

The functional properties of BioLift help individuals to bypass the tiredness that is integrated onto our biological rhythms, during the period between 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm, which is the time when the human body actually desires to take a nap.

According to Faraggi, this time period has seen many people working remotely and it has been a struggle for them to concentrate and to remain alert. New challenges have emerged for the workforce and BioLift with its various benefits has become a natural solution for the workforce. He further added that BioLift would help individuals raise their entire potential, be it entrepreneurs, gamers or professionals working in healthcare industry all through the day continuously.

Faraggi further stated that BioLift is the perfect midday ‘pick-me-up’. Besides, it has also been able to work well in the morning and in the evening.

Having more than ten years of scientific studies that back the efficacy of BioLift, pilots who travel around the world have been using this formula. This has also undergone testing and research at places such as Technion Israel Institute of Technology, including the Rambam Hospital and the Carmel Medical Center.

BioLift has helped in increasing the vigilance, in addition to helping focus significantly on work performance. Besides, this energizing beverage can also help in improving the cognitive function as well as word recall.

BioLift comes in three refreshing varieties. Mandarin Orange, Mixed Berry and Melon lime are the varieties that are available currently. All of these flavours contain just 10 mg of caffiene, apart from being low-glycemic, gluten-free, non-GMO and low in calories. This beverage improves alertness as well as cognitive performance that can last for more than 120 minutes. Moreover, any form of fatigue can be overcome, including improvements observed in focus and performance. The heart rate or blood pressure has not increased with the consumption of these beverages.

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