During a meeting attended by notable figures including AIFF Secretary General Dr. Shaji Prabhakaran and Deputy Secretary General Mr. Satyanarayan M., as well as members of the Competition Committee, several significant recommendations were put forth.

Introduction of Institutional Football League: The Committee proposed the launch of the Institutional Football League, a groundbreaking initiative set to kick off in January 2024. This league will mark the first of its kind in India, aiming to elevate institutional football across the nation. It intends to incentivize player recruitment by diverse entities, including Private Corporations, Public Sector Units, State Departments, Ministerial Units, Police/Defence/Paramilitary Forces (Unit-Level), and Railways (Division-Level).

Competition Format: The format of the Institutional Football League will adapt based on the number of participating teams. If fewer than 16 teams are selected, a single-division competition format will be followed. However, if more than 16 teams join, a multiple-division format will be implemented. The first division will consist of 10 teams, and a promotion-relegation system between divisions will be put in place. Additionally, the Committee recommended that the league format be decided in consultation with the selected teams.

Federation Cup Entry: A significant incentive for the Institutional Football League participants is that the winners and runners-up teams will earn direct entry into the Federation Cup 2024, highlighting the importance of this new league in the Indian football landscape.

Exemption for Host State Associations: The Committee also proposed an exemption for host State Associations during the final rounds of the Senior Men’s/Women’s National Football Championships. This exemption would apply to these associations’ participation in the competition’s group stages.

These recommendations reflect a significant step forward for Indian football, fostering the growth of the sport and promoting institutional involvement in nurturing talent.


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